Music Monday and Layla #GuitarSolo

“Layla” is a well-known Eric Clapton song, but the guitar solo is not him. It’s Duane Allman who plays the screeching slide from the 2:20 mark onward.

The melodic piano along with Allman’s guitar is one of the most haunting and beautiful pieces of music I know.

In an interview, Clapton referred to Allman as the “musical brother I’d never had but wished I did.”

If you listen to the song, you’ll understand how their styles complemented each other so well.

Hope you enjoy and have a great week,

~ eden



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12 responses to “Music Monday and Layla #GuitarSolo

  1. Had no idea. Saw him play in Sydney Australia, 1987. I believe the opening song was Layla.

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    • Hi Matthew, thanks for your comment! Duane Allman only ever played on the studio version of course, as he died not long after the recording. Live versions of the song would include different musicians and/or instrumentation.

      In this original two-movement rendition, Clapton played acoustic and slide guitar, and Allman played electric and bottleneck slide guitar. Though I’ve also heard Clapton perform it live, I always consider “Layla” very much a studio song since so many parts of it were spliced together to create the end result.

      Some articles I’ve read also credit Allman with the signature riff of the song that made it famous, creating more of a ‘rock’ song feel than its original ballad as Clapton had intended.



  2. Didn’t know that but, listening to it now, Allman’s style is very evident.

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  3. Love this song and always assumed the solo was by Clapton. How interesting!

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  5. Had no idea. Love this song so much!

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