Music Monday and Comfortably Numb #GuitarSolo

This is the perfect song for Canadian Thanksgiving because I’m sure I’ll be comfortably numb after a big turkey dinner.

I’ve featured David Gilmour’s guitar virtuosity on my blog before, and no tribute to great guitar solos would be complete without his name on the list, especially since this song has two solos. Whee!

The first one starts at the 2-minute marker and goes on for 35 seconds.

The second one – much longer at almost two minutes starts at 4:30 and goes to the end. Both are terrific, though I prefer the first one.

To friends in Canada — Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy David Gilmour and your turkey coma.

~ eden




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10 responses to “Music Monday and Comfortably Numb #GuitarSolo

  1. Happy Thanksgiving, darling

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  2. You are a woman after my own heart. I love Pink Floyd, love David Gilmore, love this song.
    Thanks, Eden.
    Enjoy your holiday! xoxox

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  3. Oh gosh. Such nice guitar work and such heavy lyrics. Great group for a boy provided with toys and Scouting for Boys. Almost wishing I was here. 😛

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  4. An appropriate tune for turkey comas.

    I got together with friends, but none of us are really turkey fans… the real cook in the bunch went with a roast instead for a Thanksgiving lunch.


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