.@GreenWizard62 interviews Eden Baylee for The Wizard’s Cauldron

I was interviewed by the mysterious Green Wizard!

He hosts an author interview site out of the UK called The Wizard’s Cauldron. Now … you know I love mysteries, so I had a lot of fun answering the Wizard’s enticing questions and wondering who the heck this man was.

He put together a terrific piece, so hit the graphic below and be whisked away to our interview!

wiz cauldron

LA Punk Rocker by Brenda Perlin – includes two new stories from Mark

Oh …

I discovered something too …

The identity of the Green Wizard

He’s also a fan of Bukowski and music


And he’s a sweetheart.

Connect to The Green Wizard 

mark barry

Author Mark Barry is the mysterious Green Wizard!

The Wizard’s Cauldron (Author Interview Blog)

 Twitter @GreenWizard62

 Green Wizard Publishing

Amazon Page US | Amazon Page UK

Mark Barry is a multi-genre writer and novelist. His work includes the minor cult hit Ultra Violence about football hooligans at a small Midlands football club and Carla, a quirky, dark, acclaimed romance with shades of Wuthering Heights.

He is the co-designer of the innovative Brilliant Books project aimed at engaging the many, many reluctant readers amongst young people.

He has one son, Matt, on the brink of University, with whom he shares a passion for Notts County Football Club. Fast food, comics, music, reading, his friends on the Independent scene, and horse racing keep him interested and he detests the English Premier League, selfish, narcissistic people and bullies of all kinds.

He is based in Nottingham and Southwell, UK, the scene of most of his fiction.




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2 responses to “.@GreenWizard62 interviews Eden Baylee for The Wizard’s Cauldron

  1. Hi Lovely!

    I’m not sure if my comment showed up on Mr. Green Wizard’s blog. There’s some sorcery afoot! (Ha!)

    Anyway, I wanted to let you know It was a great interview. I always love reading about you and learning new things too.

    I noticed you didn’t have lime Jell-O on your menu with Bukowski. What’s up with that? 😉


    Liked by 1 person

  2. Haha Casey, sorcery is right! I didn’t see it there either but I really appreciate your reading. You are SO right. I didn’t have dessert on that menu, and should definitely have included lime jello — WHAT THE HECK was I thinking?! Hope you’re having a great Sunday hon. xox


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