Music Monday and Eight Miles High with the Byrds

The Byrds’ last Top 20 hit was inspired by John Coltrane’s complex jazz pieces and Ravi Shankar’s sitar. ‘Eight Miles High’ came on the radio while I was driving last week.

The song was banned from U.S. radio after its release in 1966, following suspicion the lyrics were about drugs. At the time, the band denied these allegations, but in later years admitted it was at least partly inspired by their own drug use.

The backstory only made me fall in love with the sound all over again. πŸ˜‰

Hope you enjoy too, and have a great week,




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11 responses to “Music Monday and Eight Miles High with the Byrds

  1. Don’t know if I’ve ever before listened to ‘The Byrds’… All the best, dear Eden. β™₯

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  2. Awesome song! Excellent choice. xoxo

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  3. I’ve heard of the Byrds before, but hadn’t listened to any of their music.

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  4. I’m more of a Gram/Byrds man but this early stuff was great, too.

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  5. Wow. One I remember all too well. Sammy’s Drive-In, Gary, Indiana.

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