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Friend and author, Larry Enright releases Transcriber June 1st, but you can pre-order it now! What this means is Amazon will automatically push the book to your device on release date. Simple!

You can learn more about Larry from an interview I did with him August 2011.

As well, here was my review of his previous book, The Blacker Death.

Now let’s find out more about Larry’s latest, sounds like another great one!

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Soon to be released in paperback and other online retailers

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At the bend in the stream on a bristlecone pine, where sage grows wild in fields of mustard and clover, blooms a rose. On a vine wound round the ancient trunk, it waits for the journey to begin in a place far from the stream where the scent of the rose is but a fragrance on the wind and a promise for tomorrow.

With these words, Transcriber begins. It is the saga of Benton Doud, a talented young man of little aspiration. It is the tale of his encounter with Jonas White, a sightless, bitter old novelist who has hired Doud to transcribe his final work for him. It is the story of Doud’s chance encounter with a mysterious and beautiful woman named Mary, whose parting gift to him of a rose becomes both his vision and his quest.

Doud’s journey takes him to the town of Wenborn, a place out of time where people cling to the old ways and harbor the old superstitions, and where the reclusive Jonas White lives in opulence and solitude. Doud meets many unusual people in the town and at the White Estate, and makes many good friends behind the walls that shelter them from the outside world. But as Doud struggles to please an unpleasable old man, he discovers behind the façade an ancient evil that must be faced if good is to survive.

Transcriber is a story of timeless love and unnatural hate, of all-encompassing good and all-consuming evil, of the things we can see and those we cannot. It is a panoptic vision of a world both natural and supernatural, where life lays out the path and we choose to walk it or not.

Connect with Larry

larry enright

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Larry Enright is the son of Irish immigrants, born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He attended Kenyon College and graduated Magna Cum Laude with an A.B. in Philosophy and minors in Art and English Literature.

After college, he moved to the East Coast where he filled his life with many careers including teacher, professional musician, computer programmer, and researcher. He wrote his first novel in 1980, and penned two more “bookend efforts” before “Four Years from Home,” was published in 2010. That book went on to be a top 100 U.S. Kindle best seller for three consecutive weeks and a category best seller for nine months. He has since written “A King in a Court of Fools,” a serial novel read by thousands online weekly for over a year until published in book form, “Buffalo Nickel Christmas,” a Christmas fantasy set in the 1950s, “12|21|12,” a short piece of alternative science fiction, “A Cape May Diamond,” a story of mystery and redemption, “The Adventures of Walter Stickle,” a 3-book series of science fiction about an ordinary man with extraordinary adventures, “The Blacker Death,” a thriller that pits one man against the mob and a deadly disease, and “Transcriber,” a story of timeless love and unnatural hate.

Larry lives on a small farm with his wife, two sons, and a lifetime of ideas.

Find him at



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9 responses to “Pre-order TRANSCRIBER by @LarryEnright #NewRelease

  1. What a cool and wonderful surprise, Eden! Thanks so very much.


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  2. Eden is a relentless friend, Larry. You shouldn’t be surprised. Best of success with the book.

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  3. Sounds like a great book. Eden. As always, you are amazing!

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  4. Great job, Eden… Sounds like a winner, Larry. Will be in library…

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  5. Wow! Thanks, everyone. I appreciate it.

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