Music Monday remembers B.B. King

It’s Victoria Day today in Canada, and I had a different song planned for this post. Did you know Canada is the only country in the world to celebrate the former queen’s birthday, and the ‘May Two-Four’ long weekend is as uniquely Canadian as the two-four — a case of 24 bottles of beer — with which the holiday is often celebrated?

I had intended to post “Victoria” by The Kinks, but in light of the passing of B.B. King last week, I found it more fitting to pay tribute to him. After all, his music meant much more to me than Queen Victoria’s birthday ever did.

If we’re friends on Facebook, you will have read the following or something similar  on my wall, so apologies in advance if some of this is repetitive.

“The Thrill is Gone” was a song on my first vinyl album – a compilation that came with the new family stereo. At age seven, I had no clue what a “thrill” was. All I know was how the song seeped into my psyche and stayed there. B.B. King introduced me to the blues, and my love for the music has never left me. I’ve seen him perform live three times, and he was always a showman and a gentleman.

At the end of this video, you will see he throws guitar picks into the audience, but at one of the shows I attended, he threw gold chains! I’m sure they were not real, but people went crazy for them anyway. Honestly, I preferred the guitar picks.

As with all great musicians, his music lives on, and this song will always hold the fondest of memories for me.

For Canadians, Happy Victoria Day and May two-four weekend—enjoy it however you like, and for everyone, have a great week ahead,




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10 responses to “Music Monday remembers B.B. King

  1. He was one of the great talents. He will be missed!

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  2. I enjoyed B.B. and Lucille long before I knew what ‘Blues. was. He was great.

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  3. Great tribute! A big man with a huge talent! HAPPY VICTORIA DAY! ♥

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  4. Wonderful tribute, Eden.

    The Thrill is Gone is one of my favorites, as I’m sure it is for many.

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  5. I used that same clip for my own post on him on Saturday. Great live rendition. He was the best of the best. There’ll never be another one like him.

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