Music Monday — Wild World

“Wild World” was on a cassette I purchased while in Bangkok, and I traveled with it throughout Asia, including Nepal.

My heart breaks reading the news about the devastating earthquake in Nepal this weekend. It truly is a magical place — rich in culture and with some of the warmest and peaceful people I’ve ever met. The destruction of many of the sacred places I visited is sad, but the loss of lives is sadder.

Major charity organizations are now accepting aid if you wish to make a donation. Please give what you can, if not monetarily, then send some good energy to the people of Nepal and its neighbours to heal.

Red Cross Canada

Unicef Canada

American Red Cross

Worldwide organizations

~ eden


2 thoughts on “Music Monday — Wild World

  1. I’ve already given to the Red Cross for this one. I think the most good can be done through that organization. It is a tragedy, and a country that I would love to see for myself.

    1. Thanks for the comment William – tragic indeed – incredible country in many ways. Unfortunately the infrastructure was not built for an earthquake. xo

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