Music Monday — Closing Time

Today is the release day for the anthology Triptychs, in which I have two stories. My story “Last Call” is a tale about a woman who pursues sobriety. What happens to her is deliciously dark … Just when you thought it was safe to stop drinking. Ha!

Here’s Leonard Cohen with a song about last calls. If you’re interested in picking up the anthology, I’ve included the links below. 😉

BUY LINKS: Amazon US | UK | Canada

Thanks and have a great week,




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11 responses to “Music Monday — Closing Time

  1. justinbog

    Just bought my first ever preorder…how times change. Can’t wait to read your new stories. Play on.


  2. That is my favourite Leonard Cohen song, and I love the video.


  3. Yay! Congrats on the release!
    You chose a perfect song.


  4. Anonymous

    Eden, I liked this. I’m very aware of who Leonard Cohan, the respect critics have for his work, his legacy, and his financial issues, but I’m not that versed on his music. I know Hallejujah but this is kind of a nice primer to listen to more. By the way, there are some similarities to last week’s Wallflowers song. Vibe, mood, instrumentation, and if you squint your ears a bit, even the vocals.


    • Hi Anonymous,

      Lovely of you to drop by and comment. First and foremost for me, Leonard Cohen is a poet, and that is one of the main reasons I’m attracted to his songs. They are poetry, really, and the lyrics are multi-layered and extremely sensual and visual.
      His book of poems, BEAUTIFUL LOSERS, is a classic if you like poetry.
      I first wrote about him in 2010 if you wish to read what I really think of his music.

      You must be a music fan, because yes … I love vibe, mood, all of it, but especially lyrics. Thanks again for dropping by, 😉


  5. Congrats! Can understand the appeal of Leonard Cohen…


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