TRIPTYCHS releases March 16 – Last chance to preorder for only #99cents

triptychs cover

Triptychs is the third book in the Mind’s Eye Series, and I have TWO stories in this anthology. The price will be $3.99 when it publishes March 16th, but it’s available now at only 99 cents. I hope you’ll pre-order it and save some money too. 😉

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The book combines visual art and the written word, and each photograph in the book inspired three different written pieces. Here are the pictures I had to work with and a bit about my stories.

* * * *

“Last Call” was inspired by this scenic photograph.

triptychs Last Call
Photo credit: Helle Gade

I found the picture quite cheerful, but on the day I was writing the story, I was not in a cheerful mood. As such, I twisted the image in my mind and created an ominous, mysterious tale about a woman who pursues sobriety. What happens to her is deliciously dark.

triptychs SWANS
Photo credit: Martin David Porter

“Swans” was inspired by the above photograph. I picked up on the swans in the picture and wrote a story about a young girl and her unique relationship with her parents. The story pays homage to Hans Christian Anderson’s “The Ugly Duckling.” It’s not quite a fable, but it is different from anything else I’ve written.

* * * *

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