On being part of the LEI CRIME world via @tobywneal and @KindleWorlds

Kindle Worlds is a new arm of Amazon where writers can develop stories within an established world of known characters. Included are TV shows, graphic novels/comics, and popular book series.

How does this involve me, you ask? Well … let me tell ya! 😀

A short time ago, crime author, Toby Neal, asked if I would like to be part of her Lei Crime Kindle World. She is one of very few authors Amazon has asked to join the Kindle Worlds family. I’ve showcased Toby and her popular series on my blog before. Her books take place in Hawaii and include a host of characters supporting a feisty, female detective named Lei Texeira.

I’ve read several of her books and enjoy her style and storytelling, so I was thrilled to be asked to be part of Toby’s series. Along with other esteemed writers, I will be delivering a novella April 7th to kick off the Lei Crime Kindle World!

I’m excited, nervous, challenged, and all that good stuff, but most of all, I’m honored to be included in the Lei Crime Kindle World.

If you wish to know more, hop over and read Toby’s post: Lei Crime Kindle World coming soon!

You too, can enter the Lei Crime Series Kindle World if you’re able to meet the deadline!

* * * *

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9 responses to “On being part of the LEI CRIME world via @tobywneal and @KindleWorlds

  1. Jeanne

    Great pairing


  2. if it wasn’t for awful people we’d have nothing to write about


  3. Corinne O'Flynn

    Awesome, Eden! So eager to read your Lei novella on April 7!


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