Music Monday and the #Grammys

Last night, I tuned in to the Grammys to find a song for today’s Monday feature. My taste in music runs the gamut of hard rock, soft rock, jazz, blues, bluegrass, country, pop, and more. It’s diverse, so I thought I would find something new I liked. The pickings were slim.

I like lyrics and music that touch me. What I saw and heard from many of the newer acts was more “show” than “song.” It’s difficult to feel moved by music when the singer becomes bigger than the song. I don’t need pyrotechnics for a country performance, and don’t pass off your auto-tuned voice as your own—not cool, Kanye. All the trills and vocal acrobatics don’t make for a better song when the lyrics are forgettable, and the song is soulless.

The Grammys don’t showcase the best musicians, of course, and some of those I’ve featured here have never won a Grammy.

Bob Marley – The Doors – Queen

Jimi Hendrix – Curtis Mayfield – The Strokes

The Who – Janis Joplin – Sam Cooke

Creedence Clearwater Revival  – Talking Heads – Deep Purple

The Pretenders – The Kinks – Dusty Springfield

What they have won though, is a place in music history. Only time will tell if that is the case for some of the performers last night.

One new artist I do like is Englishman, Sam Smith. He can sing. His lyrics are simple, and he belts them out from the heart.

“Stay with Me” has an interesting association with Tom Petty’s “I Won’t Back Down.” Google it if you’re interested.

Tell me if you watched the Grammys and enjoyed any new music. One last thing, SO thrilled that Beck won Album of the Year. I saw him open for the Stones years back, and liked him then. Grab his album, Morning Phase. There isn’t a bad song on it.

Have a great week, everyone, and stay warm.




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17 responses to “Music Monday and the #Grammys

  1. I love the Smith-ster – good choice my lady 🙂


  2. I really liked Ed Sheeran’s Thinking Out Loud too. Sam Smith was really good too. John Legend is a favorite and I really like Glory. I was glad to see Beck win too!


  3. Did you figure out that I DID watch the Grammys even though I failed to respond to that question directly? This was the first time in years and years that I watched the whole show. I really enjoyed watching. I have only seen snippets over the past several years and what I saw was not at all enjoyable. So I am not even sure what made me decide I really wanted to watch tonight. I am glad I did.


    • Hi Ardee-Ann, Yes, I really liked Ed Sheeran’s performance and song and will feature it in a future post. John Legend is so talented, and I enjoy his music. There were some good moments.

      I suppose certain acts just don’t appeal to me. Ariana Grande is new and hot, but she is not understandable when she sings. All her trilling is annoying, whereas a veteran singer like Lady Gaga (who I consider extremely talented) did a super number with Tony Bennett. It wasn’t about the vocal acrobatics, but about singing to connect to the audience.

      For me, that is a huge difference in music. Are you a superstar first or are you a singer first?

      Thanks for commenting, hon xox
      I’m glad you got a chance to watch the show!



  4. I enjoy the Grammys and CMAs, One of my favorites of the night was Juanes. And Kanye should be banded or at least restrained to his seat. I view them for entertainment but understand it isn’t always about talent. Politics is the word of the day. It was good to see Stevie Wonder. I saw him perform when he was a teenager– amazing. I certainly don’t buy my music on who won.


    • Hi Dannie! Yes, it was great to have a Latin number at the show. Agree re Kanye.
      It is not always about who is best, you’re right. Sometimes it’s a popularity contest and politics plays into it for some reason. Stevie looked wonderful, and is always a delight. Wow, you saw him perform –amazing!

      Thanks for commenting, lovely xox
      eden xox


  5. The artists I like rarely make it to the Grammys until they’re older and more established 🙂 I do like Sam Smith, though. And Hozier. And I find Sia kind of conceptually interesting. Chandelier gets stuck in my head a lot (except it’s the Scott Bradlee/Sad Clown version).


    • Ha Cameron, that video is fantastic and a bit creepy! I do like Sia’s voice and “Chandelier” is a catchy tune. Hozier is interesting and I haven’t made up my mind on him yet. I really don’t like his song “Take me to Church” but apparently Stephen Fry is a huge fan and helped his video go viral.
      Thanks for the comment!
      eden xo


  6. I’m a misfit! Didn’t watch the Grammys. 🙂 But, I go along with all you say!!!


  7. I never watch the Grammy’s because the people they pick to win &/or showcase are usually not the people/bands that I like or would be interested in. I do like your pick, Eden. I’ll have to check into him some more.


  8. Grammys (sorry) 🙂 not Grammy’s


  9. Hahah, thanks Casey. There were some good musicians on the show, but of course, the Grammys go after ratings, and the most popular people are not necessarily the best musicians. Yes, check out Sam Smith. I consider him the male version of Adele 😉 He wrote “Stay with me” after a break-up. Too bad, so sad for his ex boyfriend.

    Thanks for commenting, hon, xo


  10. I’d heard about the Sam Smith-Tom Petty story in the last couple of weeks. As for the Grammys…. well, I never watch award shows.


  11. Utterly, totally and completely agree with your second para, Eden. A good song is like a good poem; it tells a story. A great song lyric has always to be greater than the sum of its words – synergy.

    I strikes me that the Grammys are like many ‘institutions’ run by humans. Maybe, after a while they develop a status quo, a kind of pattern, a requisite mould that the aspiring grammy winner must fit into. They eventually lose the plot … #CynicalMe

    I also happen to agree with your choice of ‘greats’, who never won a Grammy. Sam Smith has an exceptional voice. Love the contemplative vibe of Beck’s music. Worthy post, M’Lady.


    • Hi John, thank you for your comment. I know you are a musician so you can relate to my frustration with too much show, not enough substance!
      Hope all is well, and I know I owe you an email 😉


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