Music Monday and Born to Run

This past weekend, I played charades with a house full of guests. It’s been years since I’ve played the game, and this song was one of the clues.

Charades is fun, though the clues we gave were just a bit too easy. Next time, we’ll have to add in 18th century poems (by French poets) to classic films and songs. 😉

Enjoy Bruce Springsteen and hope your week is off to a running start,

~ eden



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4 responses to “Music Monday and Born to Run

  1. Well the running aspect would be easy enough to get across in charades… mimicking birth might be a showstopper for the game though!


  2. Hah, William. You nailed it! She mimicked giving birth. It was a hoot. I only wish a man had chosen the clue. Maybe he would’ve done it differently. Have a great week, hon. xo


  3. Wow. Springsteen sure catches the energy, anger, frustration, and lust for life of youth in the lyrics.


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