A new year and moving forward

In the past, I’ve ended the blog year by looking back, reflecting on the previous twelve months and lessons learned. Though it never started out as such, the posts usually leaned toward the sentimental. It mirrored the mood I was in post Christmas and before the start of something new—in this case, a new year. It reminded me of old school days and a new notebook. I almost hated to write in it. I wanted everything to stay perfect as it was at that moment, but that was never to be. Once school began, I would break open the spine, and my neat writing would eventually become messy. I would make mistakes, erase entire passages, tear out pages. And once that book was full, I would start a new one. The shine of a brand-spanking new year would fade as I moved forward.

So this year, I won’t be dwelling on the past. I’m sure you had your ups and downs in 2014 as I did, but if you are reading this now, we have one important thing in common—we are here, and that’s something to celebrate.

2015 begins as a blank notebook, and we get to fill it with whatever we want. It may get messy or it may stay neat, but hopefully, we cram it with so much life that we need a continuous supply of notebooks as the year progresses.

My good friend, poet Steven Marty Grant, sent me a terrific Christmas gift. The message resonates loud with me. 😉

motherfucker mug


With everything you do this coming year, DO IT like a MOTHERFUCKER, and may 2015 overflow with wonderful things for you.

~ eden 





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24 responses to “A new year and moving forward

  1. EB – “2015 begins as a blank notebook”
    Mine begins with a blank stare. But I’m pulling for you, hipster. Yours is the only post I’ve ever seen tagged with motherfucker http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a0x6vIAtFcI


  2. Ah, the allure of a blank notebook. . .and the crippling fear of ruining it with my scribbling. This year I resolve to write on every page, even if it is big, sloppy and ultimately illegible 🙂


    • Aww, Sessha, I’m with you. My writing is big, sloppy and has become illegible as well. I received a library of notebooks for the holidays and intend to fill them up — for better or worse 🙂 Have a terrific new year, my friend. I look forward to sharing some of it with you, if only virtually.



  3. Damn. That is a cool mug. Happy year to come!


  4. M.Lee

    Happy New Year! I going to take your advice and am going to cram it full of life!! Wishing you a fab new year with all the wonderful things you deserve. Love the mug.


  5. Happy New Year! And yes, Write like a mother…..! ❤
    Thanks for brightening up my 2014 🙂


    • You brightened my 2014 too, Christoph. Thanks for your encouragement and hard work in curating so many of the writers’ groups. You’re amazing and tireless and I hope 2015 brings you much more success and happiness. ❤


  6. Love the blank notebook idea. It’s always been difficult for me to want to dirty them up with my pen too. They’re so pretty.

    I really want that mug!


  7. WRITE, I believe, is the KEY word! 🙂 And, I intend to do that! Thanks for your friendship and support, dear Eden – let’s fill the 2015 notebook with unforgettable prose! xox


  8. So well said, eden. Let’s look forward and enjoy one hell of a time in 2015! Happy writing!


  9. I see only great things for you, dear Eden, in this new year!


  10. Quite a mug! Happy New Year, Eden!


  11. Hello! You have a great blog! More interesting information! I enjoy it! Marry Christmas! 😉 And have a great weekend!


  12. 🙂 It’s rolling now.


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