Props to the people I interviewed in 2014

Many thanks to the people who allowed me to interview them in 2014. Since 2010, I’ve interviewed nearly 150 authors and creatives, and you can read each of them here.

Interviews: 2010/2011 | 2012 | 2013

In 2014, I continued to share wonderful talent on my blog. It’s always an honour when other writers and artists are willing to share of themselves with me and my readers. Please give them a read if you missed their interviews initially; they are terrific people for your social network.

 Click on the name for the interview. 

 Profession and/or Genre  Name
 Historical & contemporary fiction /
*Medical thriller
 Christoph Fischer
 Mystery/thriller  Michelle Weidenbenner*
 Horror  Joseph DiBartolo
 Science fiction/fantasy  Raymond Bolton
 Mystery/thriller  Fiona Quinn
 Crime/fantasy  Bill Kirton
 Crime/adventure  Laurie Smith
 Horror/sci-fi/erotica/poetry  E.N. De Choudens
 Mystery/thriller  Angus Vieira
 Crime/short stories  Anthony McManus
 Romance/thriller/historical fiction  Britt Skrabanek
 Humour  Ned Hickson
 Apocalyptic Science Fiction  C.P. Bialois
 Poetry/editor  John Anstie
 Horror/thriller  C.W. Schultz
 Police procedural/mystery/romance*  Toby Neal
 Erotica/podcaster  Melissa Craig
 Crime/biography  Mackenzie Brown
 Suspense/thriller  D.A. Bale
 Farcical fantasy/romance  Kevin Klehr
 Psychological thriller/erotica  Jess C. Scott

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15 responses to “Props to the people I interviewed in 2014

  1. Thank You. Here’s to a great 2015 for your wonderful blog ❤


  2. raymondbolton

    Thanks for all your support, Eden. Here’s to continued success in all you do in 2015.


  3. Thank you for having me. It was a pleasure. Hope 2015 is everything you wish it to be. 🙂


  4. Well, you were busy! Happy New Year, Eden!


  5. It was a great year of interviews, Eden.


  6. Woot, woot! And props to you, Eden, for being so awesome. Happy New Year!!!


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