Eden’s Exchange Talks to Author @JessCScott

Author Jess C. Scott and I have crossed paths over the years but never connected until this past summer. I’m thrilled to offer her space to share about herself and her books—finally! I also learned we have many things in common.

Please give a warm welcome to Jess and find out more about this intriguing woman.

 * * * *

Welcome Jess, let’s start off by telling readers how your best friend would describe you in 20 words or less.

Short and sweet! What are some of your favorite curse words?
In real life, I don’t use curse words all that often. It’s not really my style…

Do you have a motto you live by?
I have always followed my instincts and desires. Life is too short not to.

What do you consider your greatest accomplishment?
Getting jessINK Publishing off the ground. I’ve managed to do quite a lot with it, and I always appreciate hearing from readers and customers. I look forward to creating fresh and original material for many years to come.

Yes, readers should definitely check it out. What makes you laugh, and I mean, REALLY laugh?
The last page of the magazines, Psychology Today and In Touch. Hilarious, each and every time!

Let’s learn more about you as an author. What motivates you to write?
Most of the time, it’s human nature and human behaviour that motivate me to write. There will always be certain universal truths that everybody can relate to, regardless of age, gender, etc. I wrote a lot of erotic books in my mid-twenties because I found superficial sex and romance to be thoroughly tiresome. Writing thoughtful erotica was my way of making some sense out of an erotic life that is not defined by explicitness.

You and I have similar thoughts on erotica. What is the best advice you’ve received as a writer?
I’ve often been told that things happen for a reason and that they happen at the right time. This advice has helped me as a writer and as an individual. It has allowed me to let go of the things that don’t matter all that much, and to use my resources thoughtfully without taking things too seriously all the time.

Good way of looking at it. How do you market yourself?
I have had a tendency to write in various different genres—in my experience, there have been crossover readers (i.e. I’ve heard from readers who read one of my books in a certain genre, then read another book I wrote in a different genre). So far I’ve not felt a need to use a separate pen name for each genre as the story and characters are my primary focus, with genre and labels being a secondary thing. In terms of marketing, my jessINK brand is dedicated to producing “meaningful entertainment,” regardless of the genre.

How true! I’ve crossed genres as well and kept the same pen name. How would you define your style of writing?
Authentic, edgy, engaging.

Is it important for you to know the title or ending of a book before you write it?
I do like knowing the title of a book as it keeps me focused on the general vibe of the project. I am quite willing to switch things up with the ending if I feel a certain outcome would be less predictable or formulaic.

PlaymatesAre you working on another book now? 
I am currently working on a couple of psychological thriller series. One involves cybercrimes while the other involves a #LoveKills hashtag along with a group of unethical authors. I have a YA and urban fantasy series to complete too. I will get to those once I can think of plots that are more exciting!

What is the genre of your book?
Playmates is a psychological thriller.

Wow, another thing we have in common! I recently released my first psychological thriller too. Here is a blurb about Playmates.

Follow THE WILDE TWINS in a twisted tale of love and loyalty. . .

As kids, Tania and Trevor’s unsupervised play time offers a lifeline to sanity amidst the chaos of family dysfunction. When danger threatens Tania, Trevor isn’t willing to stand by and watch his sister get hurt. The instinct for survival is only rivaled by the killer instincts the Wilde siblings encourage in each other. Instincts that turn into a deadly game igniting their first taste for blood.

Book #1 in The Wilde Twins: a psychological thriller about an “evil twins” serial killing team–and their slow descent into amoral mayhem.

bedmatesWhy should people read the book?
People should read it if they’re looking for something unconventional.

The series consists of three books titled Playmates, Bedmates, Soulmates. It gives an intimate portrayal of a couple of twin siblings who are serial killers in-the-making. Each installment respectively follows them throughout their childhood, teenage years, and early adult years. If I may say so, I think the contrast between the chaos in the content and the “structure” of the series makes for an interesting reading experience.

How interesting, how long did it take for you to write Playmates?
About half a year. The story was stuck in my mind for quite some time before I sat down to write it.

What was the inspiration behind the book?
I have had a longtime interest in crime and evil people or evil deeds. I have also had a longtime fascination with taboo subjects like murder and forbidden love. This story was a great way to bring those various passions of mine together.

soulmatesWhat is the best way for someone to support your book, aside from buying it?
Tell a couple of friends about it and/or post about it on social media. That’s what I always try to do with books or products I enjoy!

Me too! Let’s finish with a quick lightning round! 

Aside from people/pets, what is the ONE item you would save if your house was on fire? External hard drive.

Favorite place you’ve traveled to or would like to travel to? Anywhere with a rich cultural heritage.

Name a food you can eat everyday. Oatmeal with a spoonful of organic raw honey.

Favorite style of music? Rock, classical, electronica.

The best gift you’ve ever received? Love and intimacy (i.e. that which separates erotica from pornography).

Favorite season. Autumn. I love the colours, the mood, the temperature.

Name something you cannot go a day without. Thinking of what makes me happy, and thinking of some kind of contribution to society (on whatever level/capacity that is possible, no matter how seemingly minor).

Is there anything else you would like to share with my readers? Thanks for checking out this QnA! (And thanks, Eden for hosting me.)

My pleasure Jess, and thanks so much for coming by Eden’s Exchange. I wish you continued success in your upcoming books. 

Readers, please visit Jess and connect to her. All her books can be found on Amazon US and UK or via her website.

Watch an excellent video about the Wilde Twins trilogy.

  * * * *

Connect to Jess 


Website | Blog | Facebook

Twitter @jesscscott | Goodreads | Amazon | Google+

Jess C Scott is an author/artist/non-conformist who loves original stories and seeking the truth.

Jess participated on two panels at the 2012 Singapore Writers Festival.

Her book The Intern was a Reviewer Top Pick at Night Owl Reviews (2011), and her psychological thriller Playmates received a Readers’ Favorite Five Star Award (2014).

As a writer, she is dedicated towards creating meaningful entertainment.




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  1. Jess. You’re an interesting person. Moving around genres makes it hard to gather a large following but it does happen and I think it good for the creative juices. Great success to you.


  2. Hooray, Eden and Jess! Enjoyable interview. All the best, Jess…


  3. Good to meet you, Jess! A terrific interview!


  4. Great interview. I love a non-conformist 😉


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