New Release ~ PILATE’S BLOOD by @a_greenwood on SALE Oct. 30th

I’m proud to announce a new release from author and friend, J. Alexander Greenwood. I remember when he wrote the first book in his John Pilate Mystery series, and now he’s releasing his fourth!

Along with his many other fans, I’ve been waiting for Pilate’s Blood for some time. Now you can pre-order it prior to its release Oct. 30th at the low, low price of $2.99. The price will go up to $3.99 on Halloween.

The sale price of 99 cents for each of the first three books will also end on Halloween–so pick them up now!

Pilate’s Cross | Pilate’s Key | Pilate’s Ghost

Get yourself into Alex’s terrific mystery series if you haven’t already.

Now, let’s learn more about Pilate’s Blood!

pilates blood

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The long-awaited fourth book in the award-nominated John Pilate Mystery Series…

John Pilate reluctantly returns to tiny Cross Township…a place resembling a mutated Mayberry packed with guns, a serious lack of anti-depression meds, a rampaging crime boss and an imaginary friend who won’t shut the hell up.

Once a hero, now Pilate is broke, bored and forced to take a job imbued with more authority than the dogcatcher but far less respect. What’s worse is there’s criminality afoot and nobody to deal with it but Pilate. Sure, things could work out just fine…then again, it may come down to spilling Pilate’s Blood…Thicker Than Water, Twice As Deadly.


Connect to Alex

alex greenwood

Website | Facebook | Goodreads

Twitter @a_greenwood | Instagram | LinkedIn

Jason McIntyre, top-selling suspense author of On The Gathering Storm and Thalo Blue, likes Greenwood’s approach to his books.

“Greenwood offers a fresh take on the mystery thriller with his John Pilate Series. His novels are populated with flawed and neurotic—yet instantly likable—characters who find themselves thrown into maddeningly entertaining situations. Greenwood writes fun, accessible fiction that leaves readers asking for more.

Read Alex’s complete bio and get a list of all his books on his Amazon author page.

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