Unlocking the Mystery is FREE Sept 25/26

Hi, lovely readers, I have another free book coming up  — 2 days only!

Unlocking the Mystery takes place in the USA and Ireland and is the only erotic novella I’ve written with no sex.

What? You say, no sex?!

That’s right, and I’ve attached a brief interview to explain the reason why.

Pick up the book and spread the word. Book sales (whether FREE or paid) are helpful for authors, so the more I give away, the better!

As always, a review on Amazon is very much appreciated. 

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FREE Sept 25 and 26

unlocking the mystery

Amazon: US | UK | CA | Other Regions

A mysterious key provides the first clue to opening a woman’s heart.

Evelyn Sutton goes in search of a man after a box is left to her by the former owner of her house. A story within a story spanning fifty years from America to Ireland, UNLOCKING THE MYSTERY has been compared to 84, Charing Cross Road by Helene Hanff.

 * * *

Q & A with Eden Baylee

Q: Is Unlocking the Mystery considered explicit?

EB: On the contrary, aside from a bit of adult language, there is absolutely no sex in this book!

Q: Why did you choose to write an erotic piece without sex?

EB: It wasn’t so much a choice as much as I didn’t feel the story needed it. For me, erotica is not about building a story around sex scenes; it’s the opposite. Sex needs to be integral to the plot, and the story always dictates the amount of sex. In the case of Unlocking the Mystery, the act of sex was not required, yet I consider it one of the most sensual pieces I’ve ever written.

Q: What inspired Unlocking the Mystery?

EB: It was inspired by the art of letter writing and my love of words. Part of it takes place in Ireland, a country of writers and poets–C.S. Lewis, Oscar Wilde, and James Joyce to name a few. You only need to read some of the letters Joyce wrote to his beloved Nora Barnacle to understand the power of words.

Q: Is the ideal reader for your book male or female?

EB: The ideal reader for this book, whether male or female, is a lover of words and someone who enjoys the mystery of life. They may also be a romantic but not necessarily wear their heart on their sleeve. Both men and women have told me how much this story touched them because the themes are universal. Love, longing, and loss are feelings most of us experience sooner or later.


* * * * *



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5 responses to “Unlocking the Mystery is FREE Sept 25/26

  1. I have; I’ve read it and I loved it! One of your best, sweet Eden!


  2. I like what you have to say about your ideal reader!


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