The Lottery is FREE Sept. 17 – 18 – 19

Hi, lovely readers, I have three items to share.

(1) The Lottery is FREE on Amazon Sept 17, 18, 19. This novella is the last story in my anthology Spring into Summer and takes place in Thailand. You’ll have a chance to stay warm a bit longer before the official end of summer. 😉

If you’ve always thought erotica was nothing more than sex, and/or you’ve never read my erotic writing, then this is a great story to introduce you to my style.

The Lottery holds a special place in my heart and the introduction in the book will explain why.

Grab it and tell your friends. Why not send a gift to a friend? You can send as many as you like! Book sales (whether FREE or paid) are helpful for authors, so I want to give away as many copies as I can!

If you like the book, a review on Amazon is always appreciated. I’m a bit shy on those right now. 


FREE Sept 17, 18 & 19

Amazon: US | UK | CA | Other Regions

A most unusual lottery occurs in the Land of Smiles.

Westerner, Sierra Zhao, travels abroad and finds herself immersed in a culture with values very different to her own. Set in an exotic red-light district of Thailand, THE LOTTERY explores themes of sacrifice, friendship, and eroticism.

* * * *

(2) Stranger at Sunset is now available in PRINT! I love how the book looks and feels and want to thank JB Graphics for his hard work in putting it together.

SAS Cover_medium

Buy print copies at: Createspace | Amazon

* * * *

(3) Lastly, a reminder that my erotic short story Seeking Sexy Sadie is permanently FREE. (Amazon excluded, for now)

Seeking Sexy Sadie

Get it FREE at:  Smashwords | Apple iTunes | Barnes & Noble

* * * *

That’s all the news for now. Over the next weeks, I will have more book promotions, so stay tuned. If you want to know about events sooner, feel free to subscribe to my mailing list and receive my infrequent newsletters (usually sent every 45 days). No spam. Ever. 😉

Hugs, and thank you always for stopping by,





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11 responses to “The Lottery is FREE Sept. 17 – 18 – 19

  1. That’s a great cover for The Lottery. You just get better and better, dontcha?


  2. I’m off to reread this one! 🙂


  3. If your ears were burning tonight, Eden, I was talking about you with a friend of mine 🙂 He said he’d like to start writing, maybe erotica, so I told him about you…that you write erotica, with a plot line and everything 🙂 He agreed that erotica without a plot is basically porn. Anyway, having read Spring Into Summer and remembering distinctly The Lottery, I can testify that ALL your SiS novellas are more than sex. Maybe because you’re a woman…we do kinda like a story to go along with the huffing and puffing 🙂 Is there male-written erotica with a plot line? Certainly not Fanny Hill, which was well-written porn but as I recall very thin on plot line 🙂


    • “we do kinda like a story to go along with the huffing and puffing” Oh Nicole, you are a hoot! Thank you! Hope you pick up The LOTTERY on its own, I added a bit of intro and I think your friend should enjoy it.



  4. Reblogged this on T. W. Dittmer and commented:
    One of Eden Baylee’s short stories is #FREE on Amazon this week. Eden’s early work has been compared to Anaïs Nin .
    Her psychological mystery novel, Stranger At Sunset, is now available in paperback!

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  5. It’s quite a cover for The Lottery.


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