Eden’s Exchange Talks to Erotica Author @MelissaKCraig

Melissa Craig is a beautiful woman, and I don’t just mean on the outside. She’s funny, playful, and could easily be the heroine in any one of her own books. We met originally on Twitter and I have great respect for her as a writer of erotica. She’s one of the best, so I’m thrilled she agreed to be interviewed.

Learn more about this fascinating woman and her books.

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Welcome Melissa! Sorry it’s taken a while for you to appear here. As an introduction, tell readers how your best friend would describe you in 20 words or less.

Cheeky, kind hearted, down to earth, open minded, dirty minded, optimistic, creative, and guarded with people I don’t know.

I love that. Are you a full time writer or do you have a day job?

I am a part time writer and it’s very hard dividing my time between the everyday world and the writing world. I have two days during the week I allocate for writing, the other days I will spend time doing little things on social media in my spare time. Mind you on those two days one day is normally used to catch up on author interviews, upcoming book signings and social events, looking for book covers, promotional ideas etc. I wish I had more time to write, however bills need to be paid and family comes first.

Of course. What is your greatest extravagance?

Beauty products…if I let my nails, hair, eyebrows go uncouth you know something is wrong with me. Hahaha no…really, it’s a good way to reward myself as long as I meet my writing tasks. Spending time relaxing with a good head massage in a salon, or having my nails done makes me sit down for a few hours otherwise I would be running around cleaning or ironing something. I believe it’s essential to take time for oneself. And lingerie is a big downfall, if I see something I like I want it.

I agree it’s important to pamper yourself. Do you have a motto you live by?

Enjoy it any way you can!

plentiful package

What do you consider your greatest accomplishment?

Pushing the publish button.

Ahhh. I know that well :D. Let’s talk a bit about your writing. What is the best advice you’ve received as a writer?

Write as if no one is ever going to read it. That way you don’t have any outside pressures influencing your writing and you stay true to yourself.

What are your favorite and least favorite parts of being a writer?

Love how something from my mind can be transformed into a book. I still think it’s amazing when people tell me they are reading my work. Least favorite part would be not having enough time to write… wish I could write all day, every day.

What part of writing a novel do you enjoy the most? The least?

I love when I get lost in the world so much that I can’t stop writing for hours and hours… The least favorite part is what I call stage 3 of writing…when I read the manuscript and actually think…this sucks… this is normally the stage before I send it off to the editor and double guess everything I have written.

I thought I was the only one who felt that stage 3 you speak of! Is it important for you to know the title or ending of a book before you write it?

Oh gosh no. I never know how the book is going to end until it is written as I don’t plot and plan when I write. I let the story take control.

ample attractionOooh, another pantser like me. What is your best advice for new authors?

Seriously once you publish don’t check how many books you sell every day. You will become obsessed and may get stressed about it. I hardly ever check mine and I love it. Remember you didn’t start writing to make money, you published your book to tell the story for others to enjoy and to get it out of your head. The royalties are the bonus.

Are you working on another book now?

Yes I’m working on The Unblemished Librarian a single title novel. This book has been in the making for about two years…well that was the first time the idea came to me and I scribbled down about 4,000 words of it. It’s about a librarian named Kiera and she’s smitten with Boyd the Barman at a local strip club. Oh yeah, Kiera is unblemished… untouched and therefore still a virgin at 20. Boyd is living every man’s dream with his strippers yet Kiera the red head beauty catches his eye.

Sounds amazing, Melissa, and I happen to know that since you answered my interview back in March, the book has released! I also know it’s doing amazingly well, so readers, if you want your copy, you can grab it from Apple iBooks. I’ve included a summary:

the unblemished librarianA contemporary romance set in the most populous city of Australia; Sydney—home of the iconic Sydney Opera House, Harbour Bridge and Kiera James. The quiet librarian goes about her daily duties unnoticed by the world, trying to support her father and keep the family home afloat. Up until now, she’s been happy to live out her love life through romance books.
But now she’s allowed her heart to fall for a man she has never met, only laid eyes on. She is smitten, bowled over by his boldness, beauty and blazing sensuality. He generates a heart flutter unlike any other. But, is it the best move to feel affection for a man that works at a strip club? A man who’s surrounded by bountiful beauties on a daily basis? Would her late mother approve of Boyd and his buff blessing of a body for her unblemished librarian?
Boyd’s lavish lifestyle overlooking Sydney Cove may impress the stereotypical female, but not Kiera. She has had enough tragedy in life to know that money isn’t everything, and life is short. Will Kiera go out on a limb, against her better judgement so he notices her, or will she come to her senses and be the only girl that walks away from him before her heart is ripped apart.

Congratulations again Melissa on the success of your new book! Tell us a bit more about The Unblemished Librarian. What is the genre of it?

Erotic Romance.

What inspired you to write it?

I saw a red head one day at an NBL (National Basketball League) game and the story hit me out of nowhere.

What has surprised you the most about writing it?

I can’t believe that a little idea that was written on a piece of paper and put aside two years ago can suddenly come back to me and turn into a story.

What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned from writing your book?

Things come to those that wait.

What is the best way for someone to support your book, aside from buying it?

Talking to friends about the book. Everyone has sex so why not discuss erotica books.

I could not agree more, Melissa! Let’s have a quick lightning round to finish off.

Aside from people/pets, what is the ONE item you would save if your house was on fire? My Phone.

Favorite place you’ve traveled to or would like to travel to? I would love to go to the Maldives one day soon.

Name a food you can eat everyday. Nespresso coffee.

Salty or sweet? Sweet.

Cat/dog/other pet? Dog.

Favorite style of music? I love all styles of music.

The best gift you’ve ever received? Being pregnant after several years of trying to failed. The love you feel for someone that grows inside you outranks anything.

Your most guilty pleasure. Mouthwatering food at top ranked restaurants…mmmm

Favorite season. Spring.

Name something you cannot go a day without. Internet.

I’m with you on that last one, Melissa ;). Thanks so much for coming by Eden’s Exchange. I wish you continued success with your writing and I hope The Unblemished Librarian soars to the top of the charts!

Readers, I’ve only featured a few of Melissa’s books here, so please visit her at all her virtual homes to find more of her published works. 

* * * *

Connect To Melissa 

melissa craig

 WebsiteFacebook | Google + | Goodreads

 Twitter @MelissaKCraig | YouTube

Find Melissa’s books on the following sites: 

Amazon | Book Depository | Barnes & Noble

 Angus & Robertson | Booktopia | ITunes

Melissa Craig, in such a short time has risen to prominence being recognized by peers and readers alike for her work as an erotica author. Her profile is such, that she is a sought after panelist on various media forums both nationally and abroad. She continues to offer a special brand of writing that has carved her a niche in this genre, so much so that even E.L.James herself has re-tweeted Melissa’s tweets, follows her Facebook fan page and Melissa on Twitter.

The 50 Shades of Grey author that rocked the world by storm, that has over five hundred and eight thousand followers on twitter only follows 407 people and Melissa Craig is one of them. Yes Melissa Craig leaves her readers thirsting for more. Melissa’s work draws upon the backdrop of an island in The Great Barrier Reef, and the sultry North Queensland surroundings which have led her to becoming an international best seller in the UK, USA, France and Germany.

Melissa provides opportunities for aspiring/self-published authors, directors and Indie musicians alike, which was recognized through an honorable mention at the United States International Women’s Day Columbus, Ohio. She produces a podcast with a syndicate in the thousands with her co-host and American Author Charity Parkerson, all about the written word, available on iTunes.

Melissa is part of a worldwide author network reaching over two million followers on twitter at present and growing every day. Her blog is recognized worldwide that has subsequently lead to opportunities judging in writing competitions in America.

Her erotica works have gained recognition through awards here in Australia against New York Best Seller Sylvia Day in the 2012 Romance Readers Awards in the Erotic Romance category with media resulting in the Sunday Mail newspaper article “Erotica Steams Ahead” and various interviews on radio shows in Sydney and TV shows in the UK.

Born Organized Magazine have the pleasure of gaining Melissa’s insight as a columnist, in between writing about men’s hard bodies. It’s a hard job, but someone has to do it.

Enjoy it any way you can!




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    I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Eden Baylee from Canada. Make sure you check it out. Thanks for having me Eden. Xx


  2. New books for my TBR list! Love that.
    Great interview, Eden. Nice to meet you, Melissa. 🙂


  3. What a great interview. Melissa. I have the same writing style– not the same talent– but isn’t it great to write and wonder what’s going to happen next? You and Eden must have the same cover artist– I really love them.


  4. justinbog

    Terrific to read and see Melissa Craig (again—“We’ll always have Dallas!”) interviewed by a wonderful writer and pal, eden . . . (enough sucking up—ha!) . . . I can’t wait to read your new book, Melissa. Love that both your work and eden’s books are great to recommend. Thoughtful, curious responses here. Mouthwatering food (and waiters too?) at nice restaurants, is a plus. Ciao! xo


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