Author @RBwood and I chat on his Word Count Podcast

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Good friend and fellow author, R.B. (Richard) Wood interviewed me for the 42nd episode of his Word Count Podcast, a show he regularly puts together for writers to expose their stories. I’ve written and read for many Word Count shows, and I’m a huge fan of the podcast.

That’s why it was an honour to be invited for a one-on-one chat. I was nervous, but Richard made it easy, and he made me laugh—a lot.

We had a great time talking about books, writing, and I also read an excerpt from Stranger at Sunset.

Tune in to the Word Count Podcast and have a listen … and a laugh. You’ll have a lot of fun. 😉





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6 responses to “Author @RBwood and I chat on his Word Count Podcast

  1. Enjoyed the podcast! Your sexy voice on the excerpt from “Stranger at Sunset” of Kate’s swim had me all atwitter! Just stop it!! 🙂


  2. That was a great interview! I love hearing your voice, Eden.


  3. Eden,
    Delightful interview. So good to hear your voice again.


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