Music Monday ~ The Revolution Will Not be Televised

It’s Labour Day today for Americans and Canadians. Enjoy your day off, or if you prefer to start a revolution … from Gil Scott-Heron,


10 thoughts on “Music Monday ~ The Revolution Will Not be Televised

    1. I suppose I don’t see it as a song about hate but as an expression of what was happening at the time. Music is such a strong medium for recording history’s turbulence.

      Thanks for commenting 😉 Rob


  1. I haven’t heard this in forever. I remember that time, similar feelings and wondering when the people were going to hit the streets. That was a long time ago.

    1. Hi Ardee-Ann, Same here – it’s been a very long time.
      I think the incident in Ferguson made me think of it again. Difficult times … Thanks for your comment,

  2. ’31 Flavors!’ Individual expression and all that! Despite the place and time, there is, I believe, ‘hate’ there — I agree with Bob Hyman… ‘To each his own’.

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