Music Monday ~ I Feel Good dedicated to @RobinWilliams

In the first film I ever saw starring Robin Williams, his mission was to build morale. His strategy? To keep them laughing.

The film was Good Morning Vietnam.

I watched it again this past week and cried … and laughed—hard.

Thank you Robin Williams, for making us laugh and feel good for so long.

Here’s the classic “I Feel Good” by James Brown.




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14 responses to “Music Monday ~ I Feel Good dedicated to @RobinWilliams

  1. RIP William. What a great song to chose 🙂
    Thanks Eden!


  2. I watched Good Will Hunting tonight. Good stuff


  3. Robin was a funny guy. I can imagine depression in a guy with such talent as being something he had little control over. He will be missed , but he left so much for us to remember him by. Great song for him.


    • Thanks Dannie, it’s all been said, but I agree he must’ve had some tough inner struggles. He really did put so much of himself out to the world and made us a laugh for a long time. For that, I’m grateful,


  4. Reblogged this on Shannon MacLeod and commented:
    R.I.P. Robin. You’ll be missed 🙂


  5. Terrific song choice, Eden. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen that film. When I first heard the news, I spent the better part of the evening going through clips on youtube from his films. There were a good many people who weren’t sure if they could ever watch Dead Poets Society again.


  6. Billy Ray Chitwood

    Lovely tribute!


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