Stranger at Sunset ~ My Mystery Novel releases 6.30.14

I’m not sure any author has had a longer lead-in time to the release of a book. I originally intended for my novel to release last year, but you know what they say about the “best laid plans.” I actually blogged about it here if you’re interested.

This post introduces my new book ~ Stranger at Sunset. My first novel – Wheee!

I’m extremely proud of the book, and it’s been a long haul but a worthy one. Stranger at Sunset encompasses my love of psychology, specifically for what lurks in the murky corners of our psyches. The story flows out of my own curiosity for what motivates people to do what they do. Over the coming weeks, I will tell you more about it. In the meantime, I’m revealing the cover. Don’t you love it? I certainly do! Huge thanks to JB Graphics for the excellent work on it.

stranger at sunset

Stranger at Sunset is a psychological mystery, which explores the dark side of human nature. It takes place in the Caribbean on the beautiful island of Jamaica. Over the course of a week, twelve vacationers gather at a holiday resort. Secrets will arise revealing the duplicitous natures of many of them.

The story explores questions of loyalty, friendship, and secrets.

It also asks: What would you kill for? And why?

The answers may surprise you.

* * * * * * * * * * *

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44 responses to “Stranger at Sunset ~ My Mystery Novel releases 6.30.14

  1. I am sure that it will be one of those books that you stay up all night reading. I can’t wait until the release.


  2. Things come to those, who wait … and the longer they wait the greater the anticipation of satisfaction, the greater the pleasure and, if I know anything, this will be a cracking read, Eden.


    • John, thanks for the cracking comment. I really look forward to sharing it, especially with those who’ve read my erotic books. It was such a different process to write a novel, and the subject matter dictated a complete process change for me. Twisting my brain to think long term really hurt! I will blog on that soon too. Thank you always for your support, xxo


  3. Terry Sulley

    I am so proud of you! Can’t wait to re-visit Jamaica!


  4. You know what they say about anticipation. Looking forward to reading it Eden.


  5. It will be one of the simple joys in life to help spread the word about your book. I know you are a ferocious worker and talented, creative artist. I have no doubt success will follow.


  6. John Dolan

    Roll on 30th June! John


  7. I can hardly wait, pretty lady. I already knows it’s a hit!


  8. I know what I’ve already killed for, er, I mean, I already know what I’ve killed for, er, wait, that’s not quite right. I mean I already know what I’d kill for, anxious to compare notes with you.


  9. Great news! Like the others, can’t wait! As I mentioned to your alter-you: LOVE THE COVER!


  10. OOPS! Forgot the smiley face. 🙂 AND, the hugs and kisses. xoxo


  11. eeeeek so exciting!


  12. Mae

    I’m soooo excited for you and can’t wait til June 30th!


  13. Narendra

    Congrats and good luck. Waiting anxiously for June 30th!!


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  18. Procrastination has its merits. I started a novel in 1990, set aside with Baby #1, then 2, then 3; finished it in 1999; set it aside another ten years; discovered I now had a “historical” novel, not a contemporary. Oops. And yet another year has passed, and I’m still procrastinating. You got me beat by at least two decades, and you appear to be half my age!


    • Historical? Carol, you’re a hoot! I suppose it’s all relative when it comes to our expectations of quickly we can write. I know that no one is more disappointed in myself when I don’t meet a deadline, even when the deadline is set by me.

      I am a full time writer with no children, so I can’t even imagine being in your shoes with three kids. To finish a book is a major feat, and to do it while juggling the responsibility of a large family — wow. #Respect.

      And for the record, I KNOW I am not half your age. Not even close. 😉



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