Author Jay Finn releases Fastian (@JayFinn32)

Good friend and author, Maria Savva, introduced me to a new author from Ireland named  Jay Finn. I’m happy to highlight his debut fantasy novel Fastian. He has also penned two short story collections Looking Back and Beneath the Darkness.

Here is how Jay describes himself:

The deeper, isolated and sometimes darker side of the human psyche has always fascinated me. It doesn’t make me a dark or morbid person but I’ve always loved stories that reflect that side of human nature. I try to do the same in my own writing.

Learn more about Jay and connect to him on all his networks!

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Buy links: Amazon US | Amazon UK

The Nation: A sadistic and cruel empire that has ruled Edgeweir since time beyond memory. But under the tutelage of Alabaster Shanks, a group of disparate rebels have come together to fight back and stand up to the Nation’s rule.

Amongst them is Fastian; dark, dangerous and with an eye for vengeance; and Jacob, a boy and the newest recruit, who possesses a skill craved by the rebels. 

Now they come together to undertake a mission that could be the beginning of the end for the Nation. But with Fastian’s mind ever on the past and Jacob’s eye firmly on his future, will they be capable enough to ever see it through?

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Jay Finn

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4 responses to “Author Jay Finn releases Fastian (@JayFinn32)

  1. Thanks, Eden, for introducing Jay — Wishing him much success with “Fastian” — and all of his writing. Here’s to you, Jay! 🙂 – And, you, ‘My Girl!’


  2. Fastian is a wonderful fantasy book, and I also really enjoyed Jay’s short stories. Brilliant writer!


  3. Thanks Billy Ray and Maria for coming by to say ‘hi’ 😉


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