You LIKE me! On winning the Versatile Blogger Award

Okay, so I stole Sally Field’s line, but I’m truly honored to receive the Versatile Blogger Award from author, Christoph Fisher, whom I had the pleasure of interviewing. If you missed it, you can still read it here.

For me, the most rewarding thing about blog awards is learning more about the person who nominated me. I rarely participate in these memes myself. If you want to know why, read my article from Nov. 2011, a year after I set up my blog.

In re-reading that post, I realized I had received this award before, so I thought I should finally participate. It’s great to be recognized by a peer, and versatility is something I value in blogs, but even more so in people.

Given that, don’t forget to find out why Christoph received his award.

* * * *

versatile blogger

As part of this award, I’m supposed to tell you seven things about myself, then nominate fifteen other bloggers whom I think deserve this award.

They in turn, will keep this meme going (if they so wish), and we all get to discover some wonderful and versatile bloggers. So, here goes, and hope you enjoy 😉

* * * *

1) I had my ears pierced at five by my aunt. She rubbed ginger root on my lobes and stuck a needle through them that had been heated over a stove burner. I don’t remember it hurting but I cried anyway. Here I am modeling my first pair of earrings. Please ignore the outfit.

me with earrings

 2) I do not own a cell phone and have no intention of getting one. I never want to be that accessible, nor do I want to look like this guy.

rude cell phone

3) My laptop is with me almost all the time, and I’m one of those obnoxious MAC users. You know who you are.


4) I’m an online Scrabble freak with about 20 games on the go at any given time. I play with friends, strangers, enemies. I’m also extremely competitive, so don’t expect to win.


5) I’m a strong advocate for sexual diversity and since 2011, have been a judge for the Feminist Porn Awards. It’s an incredible event sponsored by Good for Her, which supports the LGBTQ community in Toronto.
good for her banner

6) I still have all 130 of my 45s in pristine condition (numbered and dated of course). If you’re too young to know what a 45 is, then you probably won’t know what this is either.

45 adapter

7) I took two years of classes for a Conservative Jewish conversion. At one time, I could read Hebrew and recite many of the prayers. In the end, I went through three rabbis who would not convert me … but that’s a story for another blog.

star of david


And now the moment you’ve all been waiting for! Drum roll please …

I bequeath the honors to these fifteen bloggers, whom I have great respect for. It wasn’t easy to narrow down to only 15, but here goes …

* * * *

thedailygrime ~ Writer of funny, witty, and newsworthy posts

John Dolan ~ English author living in Thailand, polymath, smartypants

Nicole Chardenet ~ American author turned crazy Canuck author

Billy Ray Chitwood ~ Prolific author and poet who tells beautiful stories

Lisette Brodey ~ Author of multiple genres and terrific interviewer

Jamie White ~ Author, blogger, photo geek, editor

William Kendall ~ Writer, rogue, and scoundrel

Ned Hickson ~ Author and journalist of humor and writerly advice

Junying Kirk ~ Traveller, author, foodie, videographer

Sharkbait Writes ~ Author of multiple genres and gamer, Rob Pruneda

Justin Bog ~ Author, storyteller, pop culture connoisseur

ThrillWriting ~ Excellent resource for writers from author, Fiona Quinn

L.M. Stull ~ Poet, author, reader, runner, and so much more

Majk Ink ~ Author, school nerd and techno genius

Bloody Munchkin ~ Creative writer and advocate of worthy causes

* * * *



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34 responses to “You LIKE me! On winning the Versatile Blogger Award

  1. What a great post! There is materials for 7 great full blown blog posts. I cannot wait 😉


  2. Reblogged this on writerchristophfischer and commented:
    7 Things you did not know about writer Eden Baylee


  3. I love my Mac. I would take it with me everywhere except I’m clumsy and afraid I’ll lose it or drop it. So it sits at home. Sometimes on the kitchen counter, the sofa, the coffee table, my bed…but never my desk. That’s for storage. Obviously.


    • Ha Roxanne! Obviously. I’m one of those Mac vs PC people, who is anti-PC now. I have a case for my Mac so I can take it almost anywhere. I also write on my kitchen counter, sofa, dining room table — it just depends on the day.
      Appreciate the comment, 😉


  4. Wonderful to be in your mix (what a sparkling diverse group), Eden, and congratulations on being versatile…something that doesn’t come naturally for me when making daily choices, small or large. I allow characters to be versatile, obsessed with it too, making a difference, and that’s some comfort when reflecting on fictional lives…more so when those living life to a rich degree and purpose are so kind (a good sense of humor helps too), as you are.


  5. Thanks for the nomination, eden, and great to learn a little more about you – love your picture when you were five, even the outfit :).


  6. You deserve any accolades that are given you, pretty lady. No cell phone. It’s hard to believe in this day. I’m even more impressed with you!


  7. Sheesh – you think you know a person…
    I love the outfit and I bet you still do that thing w your hands on your hips. I love your curiosity about life. The 1st 45 I bought w my own money was The Beatles, “Get Back.”
    Congratulations on your award. You are a hard-working mystery woman and I’m proud to know you. Get back, jo-jo


  8. Narendra

    Congrats on your award. I love your earrings!!


  9. Fabulous post,and I see you had an eye for fashion even then! My first 45 was “Venus” by the Shocking Blue.

    This post was so fun, Eden. Thanks for sharing with us! ❤


  10. The best part about this was the opportunity to learn a little more about you (the rabbi story sounds particularly interesting, btw…) and realize I’m not the only one with those yellow 45lp center pieces still in my drawer. It’s also a real privilege to be in this group of bloggers/writers/scoundrel 😉


    • Ned, always great to include you and mention your amazing blog when I can. Yeah, those 45 adapters … yellow and red ones, nostalgic, aren’t they?


      • I actually got excited when I saw the one in you post. My collection of 45s is like looking into a really pathetic mirror of my early teens (“Undercover Angel,” “Off the Wall,” etc.), except for one redeeming, original 45 of “Snoopy and the Red Baron.” Yeah, I’m geeky like that 😉


  11. I loved “Snoopy and the Red Baron!” That was such a cool song. My friend’s older sister had it,,, but then, she also had “Sugar Sugar” by the Archies, and we played that to death. Only years later did I learn it was bubble gum pop, but it was still lots of fun to sing to. 🙂


  12. Hi, sweet lady… Thanks for the great honor. However, I already have that ‘image’ posted to all my blogs ( – someone nominated me some months ago. You > ‘My Girl’ > So, there! xox


  13. Casey Sheridan

    You’re a wonderful blogger, Eden. I hope you never stop.
    And I like that outfit. 🙂


  14. Thank you kindly, Eden!

    45s are the small records, right?

    And you were a cute kid!


    • Oh William, you are so cute, yes, 45s are the small records, called 45s because they spun at 45 rotations a minute. 🙂 Are you old enough to be on my blog? Haha!

      And you’re very welcome,


  15. I can’t ignore the outfit in #1. You’re so cute striking a pose in your white tights!


  16. Thanks for following, Eden (and you’ve got a great site).


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