Music Monday says You’re So Vain

Over the next weeks, I’m featuring music to provide clues for my upcoming mystery novel.

These songs can hint at: Character, setting, mood, plot, and more.

“You’re So Vain” is a mysterious song. Who is Carly Simon singing about? The speculation has ranged from Warren Beatty to Mick Jagger to David Geffen and others. Rumour has it the subject was whispered backwards at the beginning of the song.

I love these little puzzles that keep people guessing. Don’t you? πŸ˜‰

To recap, the clues so far were:

The Tide Is High



Mad World


If you want to read other genres I write in: erotica/romance, flash fiction, and short stories with a twist, check out the selection.

Have a lovely week,




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26 responses to “Music Monday says You’re So Vain

  1. I like your choice of music!


  2. This is a song that takes me back to a particular time, when I lived in London. At the time of its release, I loved that there were a number of big named personalities, who were responding with a certain vain indignation (perhaps, for some, even a desperate hope!) that the song was about them! I don’t think she ever let on who it was about, did she? My guess is that it was (like the characters in your books, Eden) a mΓ©lange of several personalities.


    • Hi John, I just read an article from the Daily Mail on my Facebook page that the man was David Geffen…hmm.

      Worth a read, but I like your scenario of a combination of men better anyway πŸ˜‰



  3. OK, OK, so now she writes mysteries! Where was that way back when? Anyway, following the clues, since I read many, too many, mysteries I think the solution is obvious.

    There was this guy who some said thought too much of himself, or was maybe just a wee bit off his rocker. And there was something about him that some equally crazy someone [aren’t we all?] just did not like. Sooooo the killer [probably female] lured him to an island in the South Pacific where she knocked said victim out by hitting him with a coconut and then in the dark of night carried him to the beach and buried him far out in the low tide sand where he eventually drowned when the tide came in.


  4. ‘…I bet you think this song is about me — don’t you? don’t you? don’t you?!’ Well, it is… Carly’s singing about me, about me, about me!
    Your new mystery book is about a vain singer lover who is also a serial killer and plays ‘You’re so vain’ as he offs beautiful people! Got it, right??? xox


    • Billy Ray, have you been reading my mind again? AND I wouldn’t be surprised if she was singing about you … I can certainly imagine you ‘walking into a party as if you were walking on to a yacht’



  5. It’s been quite awhile since I’ve heard that one!


  6. Supposedly, Carly Simon was singing about James Taylor…although it could have been David Geffen. Or George Hamilton. Or Michael Landon. Or John Travolta. πŸ™‚


  7. This is one of those songs people sing the wrong lyrics to. Like “Groovin’…” – You and me and Leslie?


  8. Been singing this around the house for hours, but I’d better stop. My wife just gave me “the look”. πŸ™‚


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