Music Monday starts with a Mad World

Over the next weeks, I’m featuring music that provides clues for my upcoming mystery novel.

These songs can hint at any part of the story: Character, setting, mood, plot, and more. This week’s clue is a good one, and it’s a great song, sung here by Gary Jules, originally by Tears for Fears.

To recap, the clues so far were:

The Tide Is High



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Have an amazing week. 😉


13 thoughts on “Music Monday starts with a Mad World

  1. Your new mystery is about a good looking dude sunbathing on a Santa Monica beach who gets bonked on the head by a falling coconut and becomes a serial killer of girls in one-piece bathing suits – and, yeah, it was a great song, but I want to hear ‘My Girl’ every Monday! xox

    1. Billy Ray, are you sure YOU haven’t been bonked with a coconut? HAH! Great guess though, I should make your story the sequel! Thanks for playing, hon, xox

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