Help make WINTER IN THE CITY a reality via @kickstarter and @rbwood

I’m no fan of winter in the city, but I am a fan of R.B. Wood’s project called: Winter in the City – a collection of urban fantasy tales.

It’s never easy to spearhead a project with multiple writers. It requires time, commitment, and talent. Richard and his team have all this. What they need help with is funding, and that’s how you can help.

Richard is running a Kickstarter campaign, and it’s in the final 10 days! This is the crucial time to grab attention for the cause and help it achieve its goal of $15,000.

I’m very proud to back this campaign because I know Richard has supported many writers, especially with his Word Count Podcast.

I urge you to check out the campaign and donate if you can. If not, donate a few seconds and share it via your networks. Spreading the word will connect the campaign to someone who can make a difference. 

Hit the graphic and see the excellent perks you can receive for your donation via Kickstarter!

winter in the city kickstarter

Connect to Winter in the City

Website | Facebook | Twitter @CityWinter




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6 responses to “Help make WINTER IN THE CITY a reality via @kickstarter and @rbwood

  1. Thank you my dear!



  2. Thank you for pointing this one out, Eden. Tweeted it, and will do so again…


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