Harmonica Monday with The Pretenders

Many thanks to reader, writer, and reviewer, Lance Smith for suggesting The Pretenders for this week’s music post.

I’ve always considered Chrissie Hynde a talented singer and guitarist but did not know she played harmonica as well.

Enjoy “Middle of the Road” and Ms. Hynde’s sexy harmonica finale.

If you like your stories with sensuous women and music, pick  up Fall into Winter, which includes harmonica in the first story, “Seduced by the Blues.”


fall into winter border1

Buy links: 

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10 responses to “Harmonica Monday with The Pretenders

  1. Loved the story, and love The Pretenders. Fabulous way to get the Monday started, eden! xoxo


  2. Eden…Thank you for taking my suggestion! Love this video as it’s in my collection. And I read your post while listening to another great Pretenders song, Mystery Acheivement. Thanks for highlighting one of my all time favorite artists! 🙂


  3. Lance

    wait, you know two Lances who love this song?

    I feel so unspecial


    I managed a band in the mid 1990s and the guitar player’s girlfriend could play this on harmonica…it was awesome


  4. Another good choice, Eden!

    There’s harmonica by Bono bridging the two songs here:


  5. Very cool, thanks William xo


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