Find out how you can read @AllegoriesTarot BEFORE it releases Oct. 31st

Allegories of the Tarot, the anthology spearheaded by friend and editor, Annetta Ribken, is launching October 31st!

I have a story in it called “A Modern Affair” and it’s inspired by the Tarot card: The Lovers.

Want to read it along with 21 other stories BEFORE it releases? Well…you can!

We are looking for people who wish to read and write an honest review on or near the release date.

If you’re interested, contact Badass Marketing at: Anne (at) badassmktg (dot) com, or let me know in a comment below, and I can arrange an e-ARC (electronic advanced reader copy) for you.

Many thanks for supporting this project, and look for more updates here before the Oct. 31st launch date!


Stay in touch with Allegories of the Tarot

Website | Google+ |  Facebook |  Twitter

All 22 writers are featured here with their cards.

Don’t you just LOVE the cover? 😉 

Allegories of the Tarot cover




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16 responses to “Find out how you can read @AllegoriesTarot BEFORE it releases Oct. 31st

  1. I’m so excited for this! xoxoxo


  2. Looks like this book will have something for everyone. Great success, Eden!


  3. You’re a house-a-fire, woman! Taken so many notes on you that I need to get a new notebook.

    Love the name of BAM. Straight up.


  4. Would I ever love to read and review it!


  5. ooh ooh! I’d love to read & review! 🙂


  6. John Dolan

    May I raise an (English) arm to volunteer for a pre-release read/review of Allegories of the Tarot? I must warn you, however, Eden, that I will be using British spellings 🙂


    • Mr. Dolan, you may raise your English arm, and it would be an honour (note the spelling with a ‘u’ :D) to have you read and review. I will have Anne send you a copy immediately.

      Thank you so much, lovely man 😉


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