Talking cancer w/ @RachelintheOC and @AudioWorld007

Friend and author Rachel Thompson is co-hosting the Bennet Pomerantz show tomorrow on Blog Talk Radio.

Different topics, frank discussions.

She invited me, along with attorney Sarah Kopel to talk about cancer. Please tune in if you’re able to.

It’s Wednesday, August 21st, and starts at:

3:30PM PST / 6:30PM EST.

To listen and join in, hit the logo below and be taken to Bennet’s show.


bennet pomerantz

Connect to Bennet Pomerantz
Twitter @AudioWorld007 | Facebook

Connect to Rachel Thompson
Twitter @RachelintheOC | Website | Facebook

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8 responses to “Talking cancer w/ @RachelintheOC and @AudioWorld007

  1. I’m so glad you’re joining us, Eden. I know you’re a private person, so I realllllly appreciate you sharing your own struggle with breast cancer. Chat tomorrow. xx


  2. I admire your courage, Eden, not only as a writer, but also as a person.
    I shall try to tune in this evening, late though it is in the UK … #oldmanearlytobed


  3. Thank you for sharing the link, Eden.


  4. Steve A Furman

    Love that you are so open and raising awareness.


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