Music Mondays with @Blues_Traveler

I’ve picked up the harmonica again. After years of playing on and off (badly), I’m finally taking lessons.

It’s a great travel instrument for accompanying blues and rock, and most importantly, I love the way it sounds.

John Popper is a virtuoso harmonica player. You get a great taste for him in “Run-Around” with Blues Traveler. Check out their latest release on their website!

If you want to travel around with some blues, pick up my book  Seduced by the Blues. Several instruments are played skilfully in the story … including the harmonica.


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12 responses to “Music Mondays with @Blues_Traveler

  1. I played a blues harp a bit, back in the day.

    Have fun with it, Eden. Bend a few notes.


    • I’m partial to blues too, Tim. Sonny Terry, Sonny Boy Williamson, Paul Butterfield … I enjoy playing along to them, but I need to learn the proper way to breathe when doing so.
      I will definitely be bending notes 😉
      Thanks, hon for your comment. I can always count on you for musical inspiration,


  2. I had no idea you were a musician. I loved to see a video of you playing the harmonica some day. 🙂


  3. Harmonica playing? Well, you are full of surprizes, Ms Baylee 🙂


  4. My dad plays the harmonica… but definitely not the blues!


  5. Lance

    nice…I want to see you with a jacket full of harps like John Popper…but with a better diet


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