I am interviewed for @aboutdotcom by Joe Hefferon ~ @HefferonJoe

Author Joe Hefferon spoke with me about my work and has written an article on About.com for their Women in Business section, where he is a regular contributor.

I am thrilled by his kind words based on a short interview we had, quite shocked by his generosity, in fact.

Please read Joe’s profile of me, and follow him on all his networks.


Connect to Joe

joe hefferon

Joe Hefferon is a writer, speaker and blogger living in New Jersey. He is the author of the noir crime novel, The Sixth Session and a personal development book inspired by the principles of architecture called The 7th Level.

Website |  Twitter @HefferonJoe | Linkedin | email: hefferon.joe@gmail.com




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6 responses to “I am interviewed for @aboutdotcom by Joe Hefferon ~ @HefferonJoe

  1. Fantastically written and thoughtful interview. Great stuff!


  2. holy smokes that’s so nice of you

    and #2 you are obviously well-versed in the ways of WordPress – I just started a blog there, in fact I haven’t even posted yet, so I hope you don’t mind in I occasionally ask you a question about it

    and by the way – you really are a very interesting woman, so stay in touch and keep writing, please

    On Thu, Aug 1, 2013 at 6:40 AM, WordPress.com


  3. A wonderfful article on you, Eden. Thanks for sharing!


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