Music Mondays ~ I Will Remember You

Dedicated to Carlotta

with love,


and memories of your enduring smile.



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14 responses to “Music Mondays ~ I Will Remember You

  1. I’m curious why people choose certain music to post at uncertain times. The timing seems to dictate the choice as much as the content. I’m curious about the brain of Eden Baylee, or really the mind if I’m forced to be clear about it. I wonder why writers post music. I wonder all too often about why we do the things that keep us from doing more of the right things or at least the useful things. I once read that men like Joan Didion because she’s the only female writer men can admit to liking without feeling like a pussy. I found the bluntness of that description appealing, the honesty irrefutable. I think I liked it even more because a woman wrote it, but I’d be stymied in trying to explain that particular conclusion. I like Joan Didion and I like Eden Baylee and I amuse myself with thoughts of them liking each other and laughing over a perfect margarita at Chasen’s about the preposterous idea that men give even a passing thought as to why they like Joan Didion or Eden Baylee or a smooth Cuban torpedo or a chewy zinfandel for that matter. They just do and they can’t get enough of any of it, not Joan or Eden or hand-rolled cigars or things that distract them from whatever they are intentionally doing to distract themselves from whatever or whoever it is today they can’t face. Men are like monkeys and you can distract them easily enough with a fresh plate of food or a fresh pink ass from whatever it is they are supposed to be preoccupied with and you can snatch it away while they do what sets their mind in the proper orientation for pleasure and they might not even remember what they were distracted from, but they’ll know how they feel about it, losing it, not remembering clearly enough to make sense of it and that’s why they drink and that’s why they cheat and that’s why Joan Didion and Eden Baylee write about how ridiculous the whole idea of caring about them really is.


  2. MLee

    Thank you for such a thoughtful and sincere dedication. You amaze me.


  3. justinbog

    Very sorry for your loss . . .


  4. It’s a beautiful tribute, Eden. I’m sorry for your loss. ❤


  5. I can’t play the above vid, but I have one of her albums with it on. Sad and beautiful, Eden. Feeling for you, right now.

    As for Mr Joehefferon’s comment above, he’s right on the button! Mind you, I didn’t think there were too many writers out there, who could ramble on like a bit, like me, but he does it comprehensibly and comprehensively! Most encouraging to see 🙂


  6. I’m very sorry for your loss, Eden.


  7. Sometimes a song is just a song?


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