Music Mondays ~ Good Day, Sunshine

Another hot week coming up. I hope to leave the city for part of it and be near water.

I might even try out my new bikini. 😉

Enjoy the sunshine, and if you want to add more heat to your day, pick up any of my titles on Amazon.


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15 thoughts on “Music Mondays ~ Good Day, Sunshine

  1. Good day, Sunshine! Send a picture of bikini-you and make an old man’s heart skip a beat! xo

    Tennessee move had a minor glitch – now likely leaving tomorrow or Wednesday this week.

    Have a super week!

    Billy Ray

    1. Aw, Billy Ray, you’re sweet, and who are you calling old? 😉
      Safe journey when you go. Have a super week too.

  2. It’s nice to stop by here after a very difficult week. Lots of sunshine today in Toronto, that’s for sure. Hey, ever heard of Emi Tsuruta? She’s an excellent writer, more or less in a similar vein. I just put the Kindle app on my iPod so now I can try one of your works. Which one is best?

    1. Hi Brian, thank you for commenting. I’ve never heard of Emi but will look her up.
      As for my books, my suggestion is Spring into Summer, only because it’s the right season and provides a good cross section of stories. You can read the synopsis to get a better idea of the plots.

      Hope you enjoy,

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