Music Monday ~ Look What You’ve Done to Me by Boz Scaggs

It’s a hot humid Monday, so I chose a sexy love song. I’ve always loved Boz Scaggs’ voice and this live performance is beautiful. Listen to the gorgeous women at the end; your heart may break just a little.

I have a feeling it’s going to be an emotional month.

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17 responses to “Music Monday ~ Look What You’ve Done to Me by Boz Scaggs

  1. Mlee

    Great song choice Eden. You gotta love the sexy sounds of Boz!


  2. Lance

    Good song

    His 1976 Silk Degrees album, which he recorded with the band that would become Toto, later on, is a must have. I play it often.


  3. Now this is right up my street. I’ve not consciously come across Boz before, but he seems to be living proof that the joy of music and particularly a great song with meaningful words. Good voice too. Thanks for the intro, Ms B.


    • Hello, Mr. Poet,
      I think you will enjoy Mr. Scaggs. He does have a wonderful voice and fabulous lyrics. Like Lance says , pick up “Silk Degrees” if you can. It’s a classic for any collection.
      This song, was actually co-written with David Foster (a Canadian).

      Happy you enjoyed, lovely, and thank you for the comment.


  4. He’s the kind of singer you can discover and re-discover time and again. I’ve had Silk Degrees since my boss (female) bought it for me back in 1977. Seems he is still touring, good to know. Thanks for another re-discovery.


  5. Boz is the MAN! One of my favorites: “Look What You’ve Done To Me” – Thanks for sharing, dear lady!


  6. You have such good taste.


  7. I love me some Boz! He is a great artist! I wrote about him on my blog if you would be so kind to look at it 🙂 please let me know what you think about it.


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