Award-winning YA author @PattiLarsen talks S-E-X

The incredibly talented Patti Larsen and I have been on each other’s blogs many times over the past two years, and I marvel at her success. No, let me rephrase, I am in complete A-W-E of her.

She has a few books out, yeah, a few—try over twenty-five and counting! Find them all here.

Today, I’m thrilled to help Patti with her Family Magic Bestseller Adventure.

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Now, let’s read her excellent guest post penned just for my readers.


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To S-E-X or not to S-E-X:

A  YA Writer’s Conundrum

I admire authors like the lovely and talented Eden who can write about S-E-X without blushing, beautifully and with passion tied to incredible story.

I’m not one of them. I’m happy to read erotica, enjoy it immensely, but the writing of it… makes my inner teen girl turn mushy with embarrassment.

I think that’s part of the reason I write young adult. When I started the Hayle Coven Novels with Family Magic , the lead character, Sydlynn Hayle, was sixteen and, for the most part, pretty innocent about boys. As a witch hiding among normals, forced to move from town to town thanks to magic “issues” forcing her coven to uproot in the middle of the night more often than not, Syd struggled with making friends, let alone finding someone to fall in love with.

Over the course of the twenty book series, Syd has grown up, gone to college and developed love interests. Forcing me to (gulp) address certain “situations” of an adult nature. While keeping in mind I’m a young adult writer.

It’s a tough line to walk. Making sure the content is accurate, real and reflects what would happen to an eighteen-year-old on her own for the first time, in love and wanting to explore her sexuality. All while keeping it PG rated enough my younger readers won’t be exposed to something I worry is inappropriate for their age group. Considering I have pre-teens reading the series, not to mention certain expectations of wholesomeness (Syd’s favorite curse is Oh. My. Swearword.) created throughout the Hayle Coven Novels, it took me some arguing with my amazing editor, Annetta Ribken to finally just go ahead and let Syd have sex.

No, the world didn’t fall apart. And she’s continued to explore her options. I’ve been careful to increase the heat level just enough to tempt, but without full exposure. Am I being a prude? I don’t know. It’s honestly something I fight with every time I write one of her books. After all, sex and sexuality are normal and healthy. But I can’t get past the idea young teens are exposed to far too much and in unhealthy ways. Not something I want to perpetuate.

Maybe that’s an argument for me to add sex to my books. To show the reality of relationships. For instance, Syd’s first sexual experience ends with her heart broken. She loves him, but learns love isn’t always enough. It’s not all sunshine and butterflies. And just because she slept with him doesn’t guarantee a happy ending.

I have a new series coming out in July, based on the same Universe, but with new characters. Targeted at New Adult, or college aged readers. And they will be more grown up, with more sexual content, swearing, adult situations. I’m curious about exploring such topics, with an eye for reality, not the perfect bubble of “if I love him and give him everything, he’ll be mine forever.” But I’m also nervous. First, I seriously flush every time I think about writing a real sex scene (you should see my cheeks). But I’m also a little worried about my young readers. Will they graduate from Syd to Zoe with the same expectations and stumble into work they might not be ready for? I know there are a great number of books out there targeting teens with more explicit scenes than I’ve written—or will write—but I feel responsible.

I don’t think it’s something I’ll ever fully resolve. Instead, my plan is to simply forge ahead with as much compassion and caring added to this part of my writing as I can. Like the friend who hands her bestie tissues and agrees he’s an asshole, I’ll be here to nurse my characters through their broken hearts.

And blushing.

[eden] Thanks so much Patti for a fabulous post. Writing sex is never easy, and I’ll let you in on a secret. ( I blush too. 😉 )

Here’s wishing you every success to crack all the best seller lists! Readers, go and grab your copy of Family Magic now! 


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14 thoughts on “Award-winning YA author @PattiLarsen talks S-E-X

  1. Thanks for spelling out S-E-X, Eden. I still blushed, though.

    Come out of your writing basement once in a while, Patti, just often enough to remember why you’re in there. 😉

  2. I do, T.W.! I have amazing friends who drag me into the real world. Though it’s sad, isn’t it, when a major social interaction happens at the grocery store? LOL 🙂

  3. Great thoughts about the youngers. It is tough to know what to say, but if it’s in your mind you can be sure it’s in theirs.

    1. Very true, Dannie–it’s about adding to their knowledge, not corrupting them with false reality. I know they are exposed to it–I just want to be sure the words I share are helping.

  4. Aw, man! You came on EDEN’S site to talk about SEX???? Surprisingly, she hasn’t said anything typical of Lady Baylee. I asked her on my blog what she wanted in a Christmas stocking…yeah…But that’s Eden! Gotta love her!

    Anyway, I do agree with what you’re saying, Patti. We have to look out for our younger readers. But on the flipside, sex is a HUGE part of teenagers lives nowadays and we can’t ignore that either. So I understand. It’s a fine line. Great post!

    1. It really is a huge part–I guess I’m just super conscious thinking of how I was exposed to sex–not in the best way nor healthy, IMO–and just hope to pass on a realistic and positive–if painful at times–view of what relationships are like. Without resorting to “he’ll love me if I sleep with him” or “he’ll change because I gave him a blow job” mentality.

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