WIN a copy of Spring into Summer ~ Story 4: The Lottery

Each Wednesday this month I’ve highlighted a story from Spring into Summer, the companion piece to my first book, Fall into Winter.

I’ve also given away a FREE book each week.

This is the final week to comment and win!

Week three’s winner: Ardee-Ann!

Learn more about:

The Lottery


A story close to my heart

“The Lottery” closes out my anthology and takes place in beautiful Thailand amid the hustle and bustle of Walking Street, Pattaya—a mile-long tourist area lined with massage parlors, go-go bars, and nightclubs.

It’s the perfect setting for a young Asian woman and a savvy Dutch nightclub owner. Sierra and Theo have an unusual business arrangement. Depending on the outcome of their experiment, it will either be a huge success, or it will leave Sierra vulnerable to numerous men.

Of the four stories in this book, this one is closest to my heart and brings back wonderful memories of friendships formed long ago.

flourishA Few Reviews

“… I really enjoyed the mixture of romance and sizzling erotic scenes in this story….” ~ Jersey Girl Sizzling Book Reviews


“The setting was unique and how the tale unfolds is definitely not something you come across every romance novel. It was a good way to end the book, and honestly, I wanted more when I reached the finish line.” ~ Masquerade Crew


“…’The Lottery’ takes an exotic, slightly dangerous turn as a woman explores her need to experience life outside the constraints of normalcy, opening up opportunities for friendship, understanding and even love…” ~ Beach Bum Books


Comment to WIN!

Have you been to Thailand or in an exotic red-light district? Feel free to comment about your experience or about this post in general.

I will connect with the winner privately by June 5th.

Thanks to all who’ve dropped by and shared a comment these past weeks,



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8 responses to “WIN a copy of Spring into Summer ~ Story 4: The Lottery

  1. Mikayla

    Never been to Thailand or an exotic red-light district, but I’m sure The Lottery will definitely take me through that experience!


  2. Just one question? What is a ‘red-light district’? 🙂 Okay, guess I have heard of those places once or…


  3. I haven’t been to Thailand… or a red light district. There’s a story that gets passed down in the family though. When my dad went back to the Netherlands for a visit one time, an aunt took him through the red light district in Amsterdam.


    • Yes, you will like the book, I hope. So thrilled you were the final winner of my weekly giveaways in May!

      I’ve been to the red light district in Amsterdam. It’s a must-see if going there,


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