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Each Wednesday this month I’m highlighting a story from Spring into Summer, the companion piece to my first book, Fall into Winter.

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Summer Solstice


The Storyline

“Summer Solstice” is the third story in my book and kicks off summer — my favorite season.

The story is about Ava Connors, a woman who’s suffered heartbreak and turned inward. She copes with her disillusionment of men by having fantasies with her many ‘toys.’

Now …  I’m a fan of toys, so this part of the story was nicely researched. It was hard work, but someone had to do it. ;)

Also included in this story are hot pagan rituals.  I enjoyed learning about sexy Pagans as they pertained to Summer Solstice, and I hope you will as well.

flourishA Few Reviews

“… wonderfully crafted with a heroine whose emotions I could certainly feel…” ~ L Smith, Top Amazon Reviewer


“Though sex and sexuality were themes in the previous two stories, they were not as prevalent as they are in this story which boils to the brim with passion, lust and desire. This story is not for the faint of heart … with its heavier emphasis on Erotica and erotic themes…” ~ Wyatt McIntyre


“…’Summer Solstice’ is a pulse pounding, sweat-inducing erotic romance of exploring one’s sensuality, letting go and repairing the bits that get broken when care is not taken. It is episodic but with characters who briefly touch the psyche but leave footprints to follow on the path of healing…” ~ Beach Bum Books


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As pagans and fire fuel this story, tell me your experiences with either, or feel free to comment on this post in general.

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16 thoughts on “WIN a copy of Spring into Summer ~ Story 3: Summer Solstice

  1. RE: Pagans. Definitely had quite a few spiritual experiences in Vermont. There was this hill in Vermont that a local took me to, who said it was a quite powerful spot. I dismissed him, at first, but, I encountered this enormous…entity…on top of that hill. It was so intense that I actually accused my friend of somehow slipping me some sort of mind-altering substance. Though, the very moment that I left the hill, I felt like the world had returned to “normal”–relatively speaking. I saw some sort of small woodland humanoid inhabitant there–in broad daylight–in a campus parking lot. Lots of other “unexplained” encounters took place there, with entities that I loosely associate with Pagan-based spirituality, for lack of a better explanation. One of my artsy classmates designed this pagan-nesque performance art piece that turned out to be an unbelievably amazing experience. Vermont is a very powerful place, with lots of old-world magic to be found, should you ever want to visit.

    1. Hello Chaos 😉
      I’ve been to Vermont many years ago and have not had your unique experience. I must make a point of learning more about it next time I visit.

      I learned a lot about Paganism in my research for the story, and it dispelled many of my misconceptions of what Pagans are and how they live.

      Lovely of you to visit, and really appreciate the epic comment.


  2. Ah fire, a truly magical element. It not only speaks to sexual power but personal power as well. As a triple Aries, I fully come unto my own in the realm of fire both figuratively and literally. I have always warned those around me that they had better be careful if they were going to play with fire, because…well, you know the rest!


    1. Ardee-ann, hi hon! I recognize your new avatar now!
      Fire is a great symbol for summer and so many other things. Thanks for commenting, hon, and good luck!

  3. Yes, I read it, in fact I’ve read everything of yours, EB, and it is hot, but there’s still a lot or story and character and literary competence in there; and the research … well, what can I say 😉

    1. John! Nice seeing you again, lovely man. Thanks for your comment and look forward to seeing your name in print 😉

      1. <3 … it certainly is a challenge getting over the last few hurdles on the road to print, but we are getting there 😉

  4. Writing stories around the seasons is a great approach to discovering characters and digging into them. Weather and the environment created can and does have an impact on us. Each season can have its own sexy feel … summer may make us think about wearing less and frolicking whereas autumn is a time to get cozy and reflect. Looks like you’ve had some great reviews.

    1. Thanks DD for dropping by and commenting. I agree, as much as I love summer, living in Canada has afforded me the enjoyment of four seasons. Love, romance, and all that comes with them happen year-round, and the nuances are fun to write about.

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