Music Monday ~ You Do Something to Me with @PaulWellerHQ

Last week, I attended an art show by friend, Mel Bryan, who is co-owner of one of my favorite restaurants in the city, Bistro Tournesol.  Mel is also an artist and photographer.

One of his paintings had a picture of Paul Weller  (The Jam, The Style Council) embedded in it. I was the only person in a room of about twenty who recognized it as Paul Weller and enjoyed my 15 minutes of music snob fame.

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5 responses to “Music Monday ~ You Do Something to Me with @PaulWellerHQ

  1. Lance

    It’s great to feel intelligent and superior, isn’t it?

    Seriously, I bet he appreciated it and loved you even more. Congratulations to him for his show. This is why we’re friends, ace; our love of great art, whether music or painting, or writing.



    • Hah! Yes, he did appreciate it, and it was a very young picture of Paul Weller, so I was surprised to pull that out of my memory banks.

      Here’s from one superior being to another! Thanks ace.


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  3. I guess I’m not a music snob… this is my first introduction to Mr. Weller….


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