WIN a copy of Spring into Summer ~ Story 2: Unlocking the Mystery

Per my post last week, each Wednesday this month I’ll highlight a story from Spring into Summer, the companion piece to my first book, Fall into Winter.

I’ll also give away a FREE book each week. Four chances to win!

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Week one’s winner: CP Bialois!

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Unlocking the Mystery


The Inspiration

“Unlocking the Mystery” was inspired by the art of letter-writing and my love for words. Part of it takes place in Ireland, where I had the great fortune of traveling throughout and meeting wonderful, friendly people.

flourishA Few Reviews

“… I was absolutely blown away by the 50 year romance … in “Unlocking the Mystery” with simply letters. Heck, they didn’t even progress to e-mail as the letters were still on paper in 2010 and 2011. Theirs was truly a deep, committed love to continue with writing these letters, some extremely erotic. Also, the woman who delivers the last letter, Evelyn, even gets a reward of her own…or at least it appears that way. And no, not sex…something even better. ~ L Smith, Top Amazon Reviewer


“… My favorite story was “Unlocking the Mystery.” This was an unexpected tale of how a woman rediscovers love through a box filled with love letters written between Caroline Kent, the previous owner of her newly purchased home, and Shane Murphy, a man living in Ireland. The letters span Caroline and Shane’s 50-year long-distance love affair and range from sweet to incredibly sensual. As Evelyn, the new home owner, makes her way through the box of letters she also slowly discovers that they unlock the key to her heart. ~ Reese Ryan


” … ‘Unlocking the Mystery’ is a deeply sensual, powerfully romantic story-within-a-story, a tale of two lovers who never met, who share such passion that it transcends time and distance, and a woman convinced she will tread life’s path alone until the mystery of a woman she never met and a legacy she cannot deny transports her to a destiny she could never imagine. This was perhaps one of the best short romantic fictions I’ve read in a very long time. It touched my heart in ways I cannot explain and gave my soul wings.” ~ Beach Bum Books


Comment to WIN!

Since “Unlocking the Mystery” is about the lost art of letter writing, leave a comment related to letters, traditions that have changed, or feel free to comment on this post in general.

You have until May 20th to comment.

I will assign each comment a number and use  to choose the winner and announce it next Wednesday when I blog about the next story “Summer Solstice.

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6 responses to “WIN a copy of Spring into Summer ~ Story 2: Unlocking the Mystery

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  2. I’m assuming I’m late on this one… just the kind of reviews you like to have, Eden!


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  4. Brian

    I’m extremely late! I just read the first two of Spring Into Summer and love them both. I don’t think that they should be put under a category such “Erotic” only, for me they are Romances or Love Stories with real life thrown in. The fact that the sex is in the book adds truth or reality like swearing for effect sometimes. Why should you leave it out because of a Publisher’s whim or prudish viewpoint. Henry Miller’s Tropic’s were gritty and real life and were banned for many years because of squeamish censorial authorities. Keep it up Eden I loved them. I just discovered you by following some tenuous links from your interview with Vaness Wu, whose writing I also love. Brian


    • Hi Brian, wow …what lovely words to read on a snowy morning, and you can never be late to my blog.

      I’m incredibly honoured by your comment and thrilled you are enjoying the book so far. My third and fourth stories (summer) are the main reasons I classified the book under erotica, as their themes touch more on sexual exploration.

      I completely agree with you about the classification. Erotica is, unfortunately, a much misunderstood genre, where stories of substance (which include sex), have become stories merely about sex, with little to tie sexual scenes together but commas and semi-colons.

      I’ve always believed writers such as Miller, Nabokov, Nin, Réage who pushed the limits for sexual acceptability in literature were pioneers, and that’s why their work endures. Their lifetimes were different than today, where it seems anything is acceptable. It’s a freer society, but what it’s done for erotica is opened the floodgates for anyone who’s ever had sex to think they can write about it and label it as “erotica”. As a result, the genre has become rife with writing which is nothing more than sexual rantings à la Penthouse Letters.

      There is no story, no eroticism, no characters we care about. There is only … sex.

      I know if I were to label my work as “Romance”, there would be issues with it due to the sexual content. It’s a difficult situation. Sex still seems to scare people sometimes,

      Vanessa Wu is a good friend in the writing world, and i greatly admire her style. She is a pristine and sensual writer. You have very good taste.

      Thanks again for commenting, and do feel free to visit again,


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