Music Monday ~ Where You Stand with @TravisBand

I learned of the band  Travis while watching footage of Ron Sexsmith, whom I featured last week. The band is from Glasgow, and according to Wikipedia, named themselves after the Harry Dean Stanton character Travis Henderson from the film Paris, Texas.

I love that!

Their new album Where You Stand releases August 19th and is also the title track.

I enjoyed this whimsical video, using levity as a means to heal a relationship. It’s how I see it anyway.

You’re going to love the song.

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8 responses to “Music Monday ~ Where You Stand with @TravisBand

  1. Great choice – Love Travis :)!


  2. He’s never going to get those feathers off…


  3. Enjoyed Travis, but there was lament for my fellow male friend!!! At least, it was glue and not tar! 🙂


  4. Thanks for pointing this one out, Eden!


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