Author @DianthaJones releases Solar, Defeated

Author and book reviewer Diantha Jones had a release slated for this month—a novella for her Oracle of Delphi series.

Imagine my surprise to learn she released it a couple of months earlier! The woman is just that talented and determined!

Find out more about Solar, Defeated and read the book summary below. Gorgeous cover, isn’t it?

solar defeated

Available in ebook and print:  Amazon US | Amazon UK


Before he was the guardian of the Oracle…
Before he fell in love with Chloe…
Before he was the disgraced Prince…

He was Solar, Prince of the Sun.

From the moment Strafford Law saw Chloe Clever, he knew he was destined to love her forever. But a dishonorable past and a bleak future threaten to destroy him before he gets the chance.

Looking back, he recalls his life before it came crashing down around him…a time when the one he now loathes most of all was the one he adored more than anything.

Discover ALL of Diantha’s books and how Solar, Defeated fits in the order of her Oracle of Delphi series.


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Diantha was interviewed on my blog Nov. 16, 2012.


6 thoughts on “Author @DianthaJones releases Solar, Defeated

  1. To think, I once ‘had a body ‘just like that!’ Sorta! Kinda! (The one on the book cover of “Solar, Defeated,”) Aah, sweet memories! (But, then, I’m told that the memory is not always truthful…)
    Much success to you, Diantha – and, best wishes.

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