Music Monday ~ More of THE WHO

Mondays in April continue with The Who and witty wordplay.

So … “Who are you” this week? I’m not one for games in real life, but it can be fun to be someone else in the bedroom.

My two books, Act Three and Seeking Sexy Sadie involve play, fantasy, and exploring who you are. You’ll like them.

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Have a great week,


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6 responses to “Music Monday ~ More of THE WHO

  1. OMG I love this song. I can actually remember buying the single. Yup, age giveaway. Btw as to ‘who am I this week?’ the answer is a behatted farang on Koh Samui who doesn’t mind the tropical rain 🙂


    • John, I have all my 45s in pristine condition—dated, numbered and nicely filed away with that doo-hickey thing you stick in the middle. Is there a name for that?

      You make rain sound so romantic. Thanks, lovely for stopping by and enjoy your time in Koh Samui.


  2. You still have 45s. I like that.


  3. I can’t help with the identifying a doohickey thing. I don’t think I’ve ever handled records…


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