Music Monday ~ Who Else but THE WHO

It’s April 1st, and I “Won’t Get Fooled Again.”

I’m still excited from watching Pete Townshend bounce his guitar off the floor.

If you prefer bouncing of a different kind (I’m baiting someone to comment on my silly wordplay), grab a copy of any of my eight erotic books. No Kindle? No problem. FREE Kindle Apps allow you to read my books on all devices. 😉


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16 responses to “Music Monday ~ Who Else but THE WHO

  1. They were one of the very best live rock bands in the world. Couple of my bad boy school mates, who persuaded me to become a bit of a bad boy too 😉 used to go see them perform in a South London club in their early days, in the 60’s, and would report of their smashing up the the set. Keith Moon was a complete nutter, but a brilliant drummer. I also saw them live when I got some free tickets at the Young Vic in London in 1970. Bad boys, who also did a bit of bouncing themselves, but, given their worldwide renown, they were no fools. Great YouTube track, Eden.


  2. We seem to share a lot Eden and not least our musical tastes! The Who were one of the best bands around and their music still makes me get up and leap around the place!


  3. The Who, very nice, a classic rock band, one of the best. Good one


  4. They do have a way of destroying their instruments at the each of every concert. Rather expensive in the long run, right?


  5. William Kendall

    Did you get fooled last year, by chance?


  6. I’ll admit to being a huge Beatles fan. But I don’t think Pete Townsend always gets the proper accolades for being a musical genius.


  7. Cool kids alliterate. 🙂


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