I am interviewed for @KinkEMagazine

Many thanks to horror author, Robert Ropars who interviewed me for Kink-E Magazine. Robert and I have been friends for some time through the social network, and he asked some excellent questions about my writing life.

He contributes periodically to Kink~E Magazine, and I look forward to featuring him in my author series in the near future.

* * * *

Kink-E Magazine is the number one New York City Adult Fetish and Alternative Lifestyle Magazine.

Owner and editor in chief, Marabelle Blue provides monthly articles and interviews featuring people in the Adult World Industry, Fetish Living, Mentors, Models and every day people who live their lives as they see fit.

Read my interview with Robert by hitting the Kink-E Magazine logo, and enjoy!

kink-e magazine

Connect to Robert Ropars

WebsiteTwitter @robertropars

* * * *

Connect to Kink-E Magazine

Website | Twitter @KinkEMagazine




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3 responses to “I am interviewed for @KinkEMagazine

  1. Terrific interview, Eden!

    So your teacher thought you were a bit demented, huh?


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