Music Mondays ~ Bob Marley

I write about love, and this my favorite Bob Marley song.

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9 responses to “Music Mondays ~ Bob Marley

  1. Hello Ms EDEN lovely writer and wonderful sweetie, I love the song by Bob Marley. He is such a great musical artist. I have a pencil sketch of Mr. Marley himself in my office. That song was amazing and brings back so many good memories. Thank you for sharing tat with us. You and Bob Marley are both very inspiring to me , so again thank you wonderful, lovely and talented eden you are as beautiful as you are talented and smart. I enjoy reading and listening to every post you do.. so thank you 🙂 hugs xoxoxxoxoxo 🙂


  2. Lance

    Hope you day and week is no woman no cry.


  3. That made Monday morning a lot better. 😉


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  5. Ms Eden you have made a-lot of peoples mondays for a while .. we all thank you for all your amazing things you do for us by writing wonderful words and making our mondays a true blessing to enjoy. Truly you are a writer with a gift and so much passion. I know for myself I can never get enough of your beautiful writing. Some are addicted to drugs, others booze and others again cigarettes. For me My addiction if I may confess, is reading your beautiful words as they seem as if they were written from heavens library for me. I know that is not true but the thought keeps me smiling and writing and striving to be better. Thank you for all that you do for us. You are our leader and we are the beloved and joyful followers. peace love and wonderful words always..


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