Read my article about Golden Clouds ~ JAMAICA written for @InClassicStyle Magazine

I returned recently from a fantastic holiday at Golden Clouds, a luxury estate in Jamaica. I wrote about it on my blog and received numerous responses, so I wanted to share this wonderful place with a wider audience who loves travel, enjoys great food, and takes pleasure in the finer things in life.

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In Classic Style is an online travel and lifestyle magazine that specializes in sharing a lifetime of world experiences and maximizing one’s available leisure time, enhancing the social life by sharing a “one stop shop” collection of recommendations related to Travel, Dining, Entertainment and the Arts.

I was introduced to the magazine by author, Justin Bog. I interviewed Justin recently, and now his book, Sandcastle and Other Stories, is releasing in print! Stay tuned for news about this shortly!

My sincerest thanks to Carl Christian, owner of In Classic Style for posting my article. You can read it HERE.

Find out more about this beautiful magazine and all it has to offer. It’s a fantastic site for leisure, travel, and entertainment. Be sure to sign up for a complimentary subscription too.

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6 responses to “Read my article about Golden Clouds ~ JAMAICA written for @InClassicStyle Magazine

  1. Looks amazing! Hope it inspired you!


  2. What a spot for a vacation, Eden!


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