Music Mondays ~ Jimmy Cliff

I know it’s far from summer, but I’m scorching in Jamaica. It’s damn hot, and I love it!

If you’d like to grab your piece of sunshine now, pick up a copy of any of my books using the links below. Guaranteed to heat you up and no kindle required. 😉

USUK | Canada | GermanyFrance | Japan | Italy | Spain

In the meantime, listen to the great Jimmy Cliff.




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5 responses to “Music Mondays ~ Jimmy Cliff

  1. More snow here yesterday. 😉


  2. Mary Louise

    Enjoy Eden and bring some sunshine back with you!


  3. Ah, but snow is good!

    I know, I know, I’m being silly. Can’t help it…

    So that’s the singer of that particular version. I’ve heard it before, but not the singer’s name. And I’ve heard it in other versions as well.

    I trust you’ve been enjoying soaking up the sun?


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