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Props to the people I interviewed in 2012

I hosted 47 authors the first year of my blog for inside the Author’s Mind.

In 2012, I expanded the segment to other creatives.

44 wonderful people graced me with their presence, and I’d like to acknowledge them again.

Read them if you missed their interviews initially. They’re amazing people to have as part of your social network.

 Click on the name for the interview. 

 Genre/Profession  Name
 YA/Dystopian  Joseph Paul Haines
 Erotica/Romance  Cassandra Carr
 Crime/Thriller  Melanie Comley
 Thriller  Darcia Helle
 Fantasy/Screenwriter  Lorna Suzuki
 Science fiction/Romance  Jessica E. Subject
 Horror  A.J. Alto
 Literary fiction/Thriller  Thea Atkinson
 Suspense/Thriller  Russell Blake
 Crime/Thriller  Robert Chazz Chute
 Crime/Thriller/Paranormal  Maria Savva
 Poetry/Stort Stories  Steven Marty Grant
 Singer/Songwriter/Autobiographer  Janis Ian
 Crime/Mystery  Dani Amore
 Crime/Thriller  Derek Blass
 Christian Fiction/Inspirational  Robert (Sharky) Pruneda
 Romance  Karen Einsel
 Self-help/Spiritual  Gabe Berman
 Crime/Thriller  Andy Holloman
 Thriller/Short Stories  Justin Bog
 Urban Fantasy  Solitaire Parke
 Erotica/Erotic Romance  Brenda Woody & Steven Tindle
 Science fiction/Fantasy  Jamie Heppner
 YA/Non-fiction/Humor  Lorca Damon
 Humor/Short Stories/Essays  K.A. Laity
 Erotica/Romance  Carrie Ann Ryan
 Poetry  Nick Palmer
 Fantasy/Paranormal/Action-adventure  Eri Nelson
 Humor/Drama  Lisette Brodey
 Mythology/Satire  Jamie White
 Travel Memoir  Andy Christofferson
 Literary fiction/Romance/Theology  Wyatt McIntyre
 Suspense/Fantasy  David C. Cassidy
 Thriller/Non-Fiction  David Vinjamuri
 Thriller author/Actor/Film producer  Ken Flott
 Horror/Erotica Filmmaker  Sid Kali
 Independent podcaster/Blogger  Casey Ryan
 Romance/Suspense/Sci-fi/Fantasy  Julia R. Barrett
 Erotica/Romance  Rae Spencer
 Fantasy author/Book Reviewer  Diantha Jones
 Documentary filmmaker/writer/director  Meg Pinsonneault
 Poetry/Short Stories  Marian Kent
 Erotica/Romance  Gemma Parkes
 Independent film promoter  Marcella Selbach

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